PKF Studios – Shag Me Or Die

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Starring Natalie Knight

It’s 1974 and Natalie is a student at an exclusive boarding school where the girls are trained to be perfect wives and are ultimately matched to a suitable wealthy man shortly after their 18th birthday.

Natalie has spent the last 8 years growing up in this strange, cult-like school, but it is truly home to her. She is on the phone talking within the closed system of the school to one of her friends about her recent birthday and her hopes and dreams for the man she might marry.

But, her Principal has other plans for her. He has been obsessing over this virtuous teen for months, and now has a plan to have her. He comes bursting into the room for an inspection, then plants a condom in one of her drawers.

Punishments are harsh and she has to choose between death or sucking his cock. She tried to do it, but is inexperiences. No matter, the Principal makes her swallow the barrel of his gun instead and kills her.

Now, he has all the time in the world to have fun with this tiny teen.

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