PKF Studios – Nanny Interview 4 Part 1

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Starring Stella Pharris

Alexis thinks she just landed the perfect nanny gig after moving to a strange new city. Little does she know, the new employer she knows as Mr. Jones doesn’t have a family at all. He uses the appearance of a family life to lure unsuspecting young women into his deadly spider’s web. Mr. Jones has perfected his process so well, that he’s already bragging about bagging Alexis to his associates.

With Alexis incapacitated and hand-cuffed, Mr. Jones is free to take his time with his favorite part. He undoes his leather belt and loops it around Alexis’s pale neck. She can merely whimper before it tightens on her delicate trachea. Alexis feels his rage through the taut belt. Mr. Jones moves her to the bed and ravages Alexis, using the belt around her neck to maintain her submission. He tortures her some more with powerful taser –even tasing her poor pussy!

Mr. Jones strips Alexis down and forces his fingers into her tight twat. She screams and struggles, but that just makes him more ravenous. He forces her to taste her juices on his fingers. Alexis loses the will to fight back and is forced to suck off her violent captor. She hungrily gags on Mr. Jones’s cock, hoping to win his favor. Will it work?

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