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PKF Studios – Really Strangle Her 3

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Starring Ashlynne

Laying in bed talking on the phone, Ashlynne tells her mom that the restraining order seems to have worked at keeping her creepy stalker away. Feeling at ease for the first time in weeks, she lies her head back and dozes off to sleep. Her light blue t-shirt rides up revealing her hot pink panties.

Speak of the devil. Her stalker sneaks into Ashlynne’s bedroom and pounces on her sleeping figure. He quickly seizes her throat with his big hands and starts choking her. Ashlynne gurgles, her tongue protruding. She flails and convulses, unable to get the big man off of her. Ashlynne loses consciousness.

She wakes up to find that she’s been stripped down and bound to her bed with rope. A noose is around her neck and leveraged against the headboard. The stalker pulls the rope hard and it tightens cruelly around Ashlynne’s trachea. She sputters grotesquely and turns beet red. He loosens the noose occasionally to listen to Ashlynne plead for mercy.

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PKF Studios – Last Photos Of Lily

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Starring Lily Glee

In a room in Vegas, Lily and Aaron are doing an impromptu photoshoot. The petite brunette shyly strips off her hoodie and plays with her perky tits while Aarons snaps pics on his phone. Lily slides off her Victoria’s Secret sweatpants and shows off her lacey pink panties.

Aaron instructs Lily to take off her panties. She poses for him while he takes photos of her pretty pussy and asshole. He gets kinky and binds her ankles with a zip tie. He takes some more pics before blindfolding Lily and binding her hands behind her back.

Aaron pulls her head to the edge of the bed and slips another zip tie around her neck. Aaron snaps the zip tie shut with a sickening snap as her trachea caves in. As Lily spasms and writhes in pain, Aaron shoves his cock in her mouth and skull fucks her.

Lily twitches upright but Aaron holds her in place by the back of her head. Bound and choking, she is powerless to do anything about the huge cock stuffed in her mouth. Her eyes bulge and she spasms back and forth. Aaron lets her spastic motions do the work, as she bobs on his cock in the throes of death.

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PKF Studios – Counter Offer : Part 2

Download and watch PKF Studios – Counter Offer : Part 2 on taboovideos. For more rape and snuff check out the snuff porn category.

Starring Natalie Knight

Stan returns to his cruel bag of tricks and pulls out an even more powerful vibrator, a hitachi wand with an illegal black market motor. He flicks it on and a strong buzz fills the room. Stan presses the vibrating head against Natalie’s already throbbing clit and tortures her with another forced orgasm.

Pleasure and pain, mingling and indistinguishable. Her yowls and the buzzing vibrator echo off the bedroom walls.To her horror, Stan flicks the switch again and the buzzing grows EVEN louder. She begs for him to stop. She feels like he’s sanding her clit right off. She sobs and tries to form words to convince him to free her. Instead, Stan strips down and shoves his dick down her throat again.

Bound and drugged, Natalie can only gag and scream as her mouth is invaded by rock-hard cock. He grabs her little head and uses her skull like a mewling fleshlight.Stan rapes Natalie from behind. Her wrists are bound to her ankles, forcing her face into the mattress with every thrust. Stan unclips her shackles and pushes Natalie down. Crushed by the hulking brute, she feels her pussy tear from the force of his big cock. Natalie sobs endlessly as she’s thoroughly raped. Stan forces her into a variety of positions so he can pummel every inch of her little pussy. To Natalie’s horror and disgust, Stan moans in her ear as he fills her cunt with his load.

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PKF Studios – Counter Offer : Part 1

Download and watch PKF Studios – Counter Offer : Part 1 on taboovideos. For more rape and snuff check out the snuff porn category.

Starring Natalie Knight

 A sexy real estate agent named Natalie is waiting for a wealthy client to arrive at a house showing. Stan arrives and he’s a large, gregarious man. She shows him around the house and Stan explains he reached out to Natalie because she looked so cute in her photo.

She notices that Stan is carrying a bag and he explains it’s just some work stuff.Natalie tries to show off the house, but notices Stan is more interested in checking her out. Starting to get the creeps, Natalie tries to end the meeting. She pulls out her phone and tries to dial for help behind her back. Stan’s demeanor changes quickly and the large man slams Natalie down on the couch.

He picks the tiny girl up by her throat and throttles her while her feet dangle in the air.Natalie passes out and Stan’s mind goes to his trusty bag. He gropes Natalie’s sexy little body. She begins to awaken, but Stan forces some pills down her throat. It’ll keep her immobile but still able to feel everything he does to her. Stan spanks Natalie as the drug kicks in. This is going to be fun.

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PKF Studios – Dorm Room Killer

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Starring Ashley Lane

 Sexy college coed Ashley is on the phone with her mom. Ashley is excited to start a new job and to come home for break. She hangs up and falls asleep quickly. Late in the night an intruder creeps into her dorm room and slithers into her bed. He slides off her panties and sniffs them hungrily. The intruder lifts up Ashley’s top and fondles her perfect perky tits.

Ashley awakens from the groping and is shocked to see a hulking stranger in her bed. The intruder wraps a cord around Ashley’s throat and garrotes her. He holds Ashley’s flailing body close to him in her bed as she thrashes for her life. Ashley reaches for her phone but knocks it off the nightstand. All she can do is gasp and spasm as the life is choked out of her.

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PKF Studios – Premeditated Homicide

Download and watch PKF Studios – Premeditated Homicide on taboovideos. For more rape and snuff check out the snuff porn category.

Starring Ashlynne

The video submitted to evidence contains violence and the eventual murder of Ashlynne Karen Bigsly. She comes home to her boyfriend Devin and jumps into his arms. They fall to the bed and make out. Devin is shocked to see sexy red lingerie under Ashlynne’s blouse. He knocks her out with a right to the chin.

Devin drags Ashlynne to the edge of the bed and strips off her skirt and panties. He ties her to the bed with black rope. Ashlynne waes up and pleads to be freed. Devin shoves a ball-gag in her mouth to shut her up. He forces his fingers inside Ashlynne’s dry vagine. She screeches through her gag. Once her pussy feels wet enough, Devin mounts her and forces his cock inside her pussy.

Devin rapes his bound lover. He moves to her head and shoves his cock inside her mouth. Ashlynne chokes and gags on Devin’s dick. With his shaft lubed with his trapped girlfriend’s saliva, Devin fucks her tight slit some more. He wraps a hand around Ashlynne’s throat and chokes her as he decimates her box. Suddenly, he springs up on her chest and fucks her whining mouth. He forces her to swallow his load.

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PKF Studios – Arrest Gone Wrong

Download and watch PKF Studios – Arrest Gone Wrong on taboovideos. For more rape and snuff check out the snuff porn category.

Starring Liv ReVamped

The sound of the rippling bubbles in Aaron’s bong echo through the house. He exhales a massive toke, filling the living room with smoke. Through his cannabinoid haze he doesn’t notice Officer Liv creep into the room, her service pistol drawn. She announces herself and orders Aaron to freeze. Aaron coughs as she reads him his Miranda rights.

Unfortunately for Aaron, he lives in a state that still puts people in jail for smoking weed. Rather than find out if the whole “prison shower” thing is real or not, Aaron lunges at Officer Liv. He gets the officer in a full nelson, making her drop her radio. Liv struggles against her much larger assailant and really wishes she had slapped the cuffs on the stoner who looked half asleep on the couch a moment ago.

During the struggle, Aaron manages to grab the cord off the window blinds and wrap it around Officer Liv’s neck. He loosens her up with some vicious liver shots and tightens the cord even more. Officer down. Aaron can’t believe what he’s done, but there’s no way he’s going to jail. He figures he may as well go all the way now and begins groping the hot cop’s plump booty.

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PKF Studios – Blackcat’s Downfall

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Starring London River

Aaron, the jewel thief checks out his latest score, a fat sack of diamonds. Satisfied with himself, he orders an exotic stripper to celebrate. Little does he know, the infamous cat burglar Blackcat is currently creeping into his safehouse. Overhearing Aaron’s phone call, she pretends to be the stripper to get closer to his jewels.

Blackcat distracts him with her cleavage then pounces on the thief. She grabs his bag of loot and gloats on the way out. Aaron springs up and zaps Blackcat with his taser. Incapacitated she slumps to the floor. Aaron rips open her tight costume, revealing her huge jugs. He forces Blackcat to sucks his cock under the threat of more electrocution.

Aaron bends Blackcat over his lap and spanks her fat ass. This is what she gets for being a bad little kitty. He pulls off her boots and slides off her skintight costume. Aaron forces her to ride him reverse cowgirl on the couch. She tries to escape, but Aaron slams her head of the counter and pulls off her blonde wig while raping her from behind.

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PKF Studios – Killing Miguel’s Mom

Download and watch PKF Studios – Killing Miguel’s Mom on taboovideos.net
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“Killing Miguel’s Mom”
Starring Liv ReVamped

A kid named Miguel Sanchez got beat up at school and had his shoes & clothes stolen. Now the bully’s father Mr. Wild is sitting at home gloating about what a hot shot his son is. He’s old school and fully expects his shithead son to exert dominance over his weaker classmates.

Suddenly, Miguel’s mom regains her wits and tries to escape. Mr. Wild punches her in the gut and slams her face-first into the coffee table. He cuffs her hands behind her back and stuffs a rag in Ms. Sanchez’s mouth. He chokes her violently with his hands until she finally lies still. He taunts Miguel through her phone and rapes her while Ms. Sanchez whimpers through her gag.

He grabs a handful of Ms. Sanchez’s fat ass and runs the other hand through her thick curly hair. Mr. Wild rails his victim and spanks her roughly. He wraps a length of rope around Miguel’s mom’s throat and slowly garrotes her to death while he demolishes her pussy. He looks down to appreciate her nice tan booty and juicy twat, while she gurgles out her dying breath. Just another loser from a loser family. He blows his thick ropey load all over her ass. It’s a shame he didn’t run into her earlier, he might’ve inseminated her with some worthwhile semen, instead of her pathetic son Miguel.

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PKF Studios – Two Pretty Birds

Download and watch PKF Studios – Two Pretty Birds on taboovideos.net
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“Two Pretty Birds”
Starring Ashley Lane & Jade Nile

Some dirtbag is raping and killing prostitutes in the Narrows. Black Canary lures the rapist out in the open and almost captures him, but a freak accident causes her to twist her ankle and give the rapist the upperhand. He strips off her clothes and forces her to gag on his cock.

He makes one girl ride him while the other is forced to watch and masturbate. They sob uncontrollably, fearing the eventual shot from his pistol. The rapist cums in the cop and rewards her with a bullet in the back of the head. He turns his attention to Black Canary who backpedals across the floor pissing herself from fear. He throws her on the bed with the other mortally wounded girl and rapes her roughly.

She endures the violent deep-dicking. She thrashes for the rapist’s gun, but it’s just out of her reach. The rapist wraps his hands around Black Canary’s neck and slowly chokes her to death. She lies still and dead in her fishnet stockings and boots, next to the only other girl foolish enough to defy the rapist.

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