PKF Studios – Get This Party Started: Part 2

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Starring Lily Glee.

Forcing Lily to knee before them, Aaron and Rock have her suck their cocks and lick their filthy balls. Bound and beaten, Lily has no choice but to obey. She bobs her head like her life depends on it. Lily drools and slobbers, switching between their dicks like a proficient slut. Her attackers reward Lily’s efforts with a torrent of cum all over her chin and chest.

As soon as the fun is over, Rock wraps a length of rope around Lily’s neck. They strangle her on the floor, before tossing her on the bed to finish the job. They slap, grope, and mock her as they slowly strangle the life out of her. Lily writhes and gasps, unable to free herself. She dies horrified and defiled.

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