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“Kill Nurse Rose”
Starring Vienna Rose

Exhausted from another long shift of being an essential healthcare worker on the front lines, Nurse Rose enters her home weary and oblivious to any potential danger. She yawns, eager to strip out of her blue scrubs. Suddenly, she is assaulted from behind by an unseen intruder. He locks an arm around Nurse Rose’s throat. She struggles to free herself from her attacker, flailing wildly. It’s no use; Nurse Rose soon slumps to the floor.

Nurse Rose is declared dead by her killer. He lifts her cute sock-clad feet up to get a better angle on her tight, dead cunt. The killer’s balls bounce off of Nurse Rose’s ass as he rails her corpse. Lifting Nurse Rose’s body on top of him, he fucks her in a limp reverse-cowgirl position. Then, he lifts the nurse’s plump ass up and deep-dicks her doggystyle. Her eyes stare dead ahead as her fresh flesh is completely defiled. The strangler blows a hot load in Nurse Rose’s tight pussy, then leaves her corpse for someone else to deal with. The ligature marks on her neck are a blatant indication of her cruel demise. The next time Nurse Rose goes to the hospital, she’ll be headed to the morgue.

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