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PKF Studios – Killing Miguel’s Mom

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“Killing Miguel’s Mom”
Starring Liv ReVamped

A kid named Miguel Sanchez got beat up at school and had his shoes & clothes stolen. Now the bully’s father Mr. Wild is sitting at home gloating about what a hot shot his son is. He’s old school and fully expects his shithead son to exert dominance over his weaker classmates.

Suddenly, Miguel’s mom regains her wits and tries to escape. Mr. Wild punches her in the gut and slams her face-first into the coffee table. He cuffs her hands behind her back and stuffs a rag in Ms. Sanchez’s mouth. He chokes her violently with his hands until she finally lies still. He taunts Miguel through her phone and rapes her while Ms. Sanchez whimpers through her gag.

He grabs a handful of Ms. Sanchez’s fat ass and runs the other hand through her thick curly hair. Mr. Wild rails his victim and spanks her roughly. He wraps a length of rope around Miguel’s mom’s throat and slowly garrotes her to death while he demolishes her pussy. He looks down to appreciate her nice tan booty and juicy twat, while she gurgles out her dying breath. Just another loser from a loser family. He blows his thick ropey load all over her ass. It’s a shame he didn’t run into her earlier, he might’ve inseminated her with some worthwhile semen, instead of her pathetic son Miguel.

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PKF Studios – Two Pretty Birds

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“Two Pretty Birds”
Starring Ashley Lane & Jade Nile

Some dirtbag is raping and killing prostitutes in the Narrows. Black Canary lures the rapist out in the open and almost captures him, but a freak accident causes her to twist her ankle and give the rapist the upperhand. He strips off her clothes and forces her to gag on his cock.

He makes one girl ride him while the other is forced to watch and masturbate. They sob uncontrollably, fearing the eventual shot from his pistol. The rapist cums in the cop and rewards her with a bullet in the back of the head. He turns his attention to Black Canary who backpedals across the floor pissing herself from fear. He throws her on the bed with the other mortally wounded girl and rapes her roughly.

She endures the violent deep-dicking. She thrashes for the rapist’s gun, but it’s just out of her reach. The rapist wraps his hands around Black Canary’s neck and slowly chokes her to death. She lies still and dead in her fishnet stockings and boots, next to the only other girl foolish enough to defy the rapist.

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PKF Studios – The Murder of Kate

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“The Murder of Kate”
Starring Kate Kennedy

To send a message to deadbeat Randy, the hitman binds Kate and wraps a belt around her neck. He brings her to the bedroom and slowly strangles her into submission. The hitman came prepared with a bag of goodies. He binds Kate’s ankles and hogties her on the bed. He strangles her again. Kate’s plump ass jiggles through her satin pajama bottoms as she’s throttled.

The hitman pulls out a taser. He holds Kate down and electrocutes her tits, then strangles her again with the belt. The hitman roughly bites and pinches at Kate’s perky tits. He cuts off her delicate pajamas and flogs her big ass. The hitman finds an empty bottle and roughly forces it up Kate’s poor cunt. He fingers her hard and shoves his wet digits in her whimpering mouth.

A load of cum splashes off of Kate’s tear-covered cheeks. The hitman instantly turns violent and throttles Kate on the bed with his bare hands. Kate flails and thrashes her naked, fluid-coated body to no avail. The hitman chokes Kate to death and unbinds her from her restraints. He returns later and forces Kate’s dead body to ride him. He grabs her fat pale ass with both hands and rams his cock into her tight cunt. The hitman drags Kate to the edge of the bed and pounds her from behind. He blows his load inside her, satisfied for now. Randy still has to pay though…

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PKF Studios – Home Invasion

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“Home Invasion”
Starring Stella Pharris

The two men throw Stella to the sofa and pin her down. They stroke their cocks through their jeans and unzip their flies. Stella sobs and pleads for them not to do what she knows they’re going to do. They take turns forcing their cocks in Stella’s pouty mouth. They throw her to the floor and strip off her underwear. The two attackers rub their awful cocks all over Stella’s pretty face. The thin one forces his big schlong down her poor throat while the other rapes her from behind.

They pin her to the ground and take turns railing Stella missionary style on the carpet. They force her to look in their eyes while they defile her. The big one humiliates her by stepping on her pretty little face as his friend rapes her. Stella gets thoroughly spit-roasted. The two men grab and fuck her little pale body like an inanimate object.

Just when Stella starts to quiet down and submit to her attacker’s brutal whims, Aaron grabs her from behind and wraps his big hands around her thin neck. Her much stronger attacker keeps fucking Stella’s pussy as he throttles her. Stella gargles and chokes, clawing at the man’s hands, but she can’t free herself from the deadly grip. Eventually, Stella falls still and silent, the life choked out of her.

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PKF Studios – Last Photos of Nickey

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“Last Photos of Nickey”
Starring Nickey Huntsman

Dressed in her cutest sundress, Nickey meets with the photographer at his studio. The buxom aspiring model realizes this could be her big break and is eager to get started. She’s momentarily concerned when she doesn’t immediately see the photographer’s equipment, but he ushers her into the adjoining room where he’s set up for the photoshoot.

The photographer loops a ziptie around Nickey’s neck and pulls it tight. It locks in place, too tight for Nickey to draw a breath. She gags and chokes, but is unable to move her hands or feet in their restraints. The photograph grabs the back of Nickey’s head and shoves his cock in her gagging mouth. He makes her suffocate and choke on his meat, raping her face as the ziptie around her neck slowly kills her. He orders her to make him cum before she croaks.

Nickey dies from strangulation. The photographer cuts her restraints and lets her flop onto the bed. He slides his cock, still glistening with Nickey’s saliva, into her hairy pussy. Her fat cunt is still tight and warm. He plows the dead buxom model, her big tits jiggling with each stroke. The photographer flips Nickey over and bangs her doggystyle. He pulls out and deposits a fat load all over her thick rump. At least her beauty will be preserved forever in his photographs.

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PKF Studios – Psychotic

Download and watch PKF Studios – Psychotic on taboovideos.net
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Starring Salem

Salem steps into the powder room and her stalker creeps in through the sliding glass door. He tastes her General Tso’s chicken and grabs her phone. Already horny from the excitement, the psychopath rubs his bulging cock through his pants. Wild, murderous thoughts percolate in his addled brain.

With a calm, creepy voice her attacker tells Salem to accept her situation. She cries and begs for mercy, but the psycho slips a black strip of fabric around her neck and tightens it. He throttles this sexy ginger nice and slow. Salem kicks and claws at the floor, trying to crawl free, but it’s no use. The psycho strangler flips Salem onto the bed and pushes hard against her back to get deadlier leverage.

Posing Salem face-down/ass-up, the killer impales her tight cunt from behind. Her lovely red hair drapes over her delicate shoulder blades. The killer is mesmerized by his thick veiny rod moving in and out of her tight, unspoiled twat. He fucks Salem missionary style and finally fills her with a hot load. He leaves Salem’s corpse sprawled and naked, her red hair hanging down the side of the bed.

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PKF Studios – Kill Nurse Rose

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“Kill Nurse Rose”
Starring Vienna Rose

Exhausted from another long shift of being an essential healthcare worker on the front lines, Nurse Rose enters her home weary and oblivious to any potential danger. She yawns, eager to strip out of her blue scrubs. Suddenly, she is assaulted from behind by an unseen intruder. He locks an arm around Nurse Rose’s throat. She struggles to free herself from her attacker, flailing wildly. It’s no use; Nurse Rose soon slumps to the floor.

Nurse Rose is declared dead by her killer. He lifts her cute sock-clad feet up to get a better angle on her tight, dead cunt. The killer’s balls bounce off of Nurse Rose’s ass as he rails her corpse. Lifting Nurse Rose’s body on top of him, he fucks her in a limp reverse-cowgirl position. Then, he lifts the nurse’s plump ass up and deep-dicks her doggystyle. Her eyes stare dead ahead as her fresh flesh is completely defiled. The strangler blows a hot load in Nurse Rose’s tight pussy, then leaves her corpse for someone else to deal with. The ligature marks on her neck are a blatant indication of her cruel demise. The next time Nurse Rose goes to the hospital, she’ll be headed to the morgue.

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PKF Studios – Inside Stalker 2 Part 2

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“Inside Stalker 2”
Part 2

Starring Harmony Wonder

Now the real stuff started. He was in her, fucking her tiny cunt, making her moan and scream. This went on and one as he explored several positions with this pliable girl. He made a mental note–best one yet.

He wanted her to do well and he encourage her by suggesting he might let her go. Total bullshit but they always were grasping at any glimmer of hope. So, she got to work, milking his cock, licking his balls, slobbering, drooling until he could hold it no more and bust all over her pretty young face.

She was so innocent looking up at him and he knew, right there, that he wanted to stick his engorged cock back into her when she was lifeless. After a long strangle, she was quiet. The girl was dead. She had managed to make it 18 years in this world without running into a psychotic killer. Oh well, one less polluter.

Time to find another girl to kill.

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PKF Studios – Inside Stalker 2 Part 1

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“Inside Stalker 2”
Part 1

Starring Harmony Wonder

She knew there had been some murders in the area, but she was confident in herself, having taking some self-defense classes and keeping a taser beside her bed.

But the stalker did not care. As he chloroformed her, she struggle violently for a moment–even trying to reach that very taser she was so proud of. Now, it was just bound to be foreshadowing.

Shen she woke, he tormented her with his presence, sexually fondling her, cutting her clothing off, the forcing various things into her holes—fingers and dildo. Intermittently, he used that taser on her to keep her in line.

He forced her to suck his cock, the flipped her over, licking her ass.

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PKF Studios – Sinister Stay

Download and watch PKF Studios – Sinister Stay on taboovideos.net
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Starring Ashley Lane.

Ashley looked at the room she booked and was appalled. It was nothing like the website had shown. Definitely a dump.

So, she made the best of it and started getting ready to go out. She undressed then put on a nice dress. She heard a noise….or thought she did. There was a weird wall/door in her room. It was closed and locked. She called out. Nothing. She went back to getting ready.
The man came out of the almost hidden door and chloroformed the girl.

With her now zip tied to the table, he fucked her mouth for a bit.
She woke up and he threatened her, putting a zip tie around her neck so she would comply. She sucked his cock and licked his balls.

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