PKF Studios – Kate The Stripper

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Starring Kate Kennedy.

Rock keeps on stroking his cock, watching Kate struggle in terror. Aaron finally relents, but Kate is still weak from the choking. She can barely collect herself before Rock takes his turn strangling her with the improvised garrote. He pulls her back on the couch and puts all of his considerable strength into throttling the poor stripper. Kate sputters and kicks her legs, wishing she could scream out for help. All the while, Aaron stands in the corner jerking off like a lunatic.

Finally, after a prolonged ordeal, Kate’s legs go stiff and her eyes bulge. Rock drops the belt and boys spring into action. Aaron slides his cock inside Kate’s tasty cunt while Rock skullfucks her. They spitroast their latest victim on the little loveseat, then take turns using the dead stripper like a fuck doll. Aaron jerks Kate up by her hair while Rock makes her ride him reverse cowgirl. Kate’s pale tits jiggle and bounce just as nicely, even in death.

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