PKF Studios – Shop Girl Murdered

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Starring Riley Reyes.

The violent customer pulls the dazed cashier over the counter and pulls her into the back room. He methodically beats her into submission before choking her with his big hands. With his victim unconscious, he strips off Riley’s clothes, groping her bountiful titties and fingering her tight cunt.

He pulls the naked slut to the edge of the table and fucks her helpless mouth. With Riley unconscious he takes full advantage of her lack of a gag reflex. Next, he moves between the young girl’s legs and forces his big cock inside her. She awakens and starts to squirm, but the attacker already has a rope around her neck. He pulls the cruel garrote tight and chokes the living shit out of Riley, while she feebly tries to escape. He literally fucks her to death while garroting her with the rope.

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