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PKF Studios – Team Building

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Let the games begin! Big-titted Dee springs into action and chokes down her attacker’s cock. She’s always been competitive. Stella takes her turn, trying her best to suck it the way her boyfriend always told her to. Soon, all three girls are licking the lucky killer’s balls and sucking his cock. He takes turns roughly face-fucking each one, until finally Ashley is rewarded with a gooey load all over her petite tits. Stella and Dee look on in horror.

Before administering his sentence, he commands Dee and Stella to lick his cum off of Ashley’s chin. Dee complies, but Stella eyes the nearby scissors. The killer is sick of Stella. He tightens the tie around her neck and straddles her as she slowly dies.

There are no participation trophies in this deadly game, even if you have incredible tits. Dee is garrote strangled next. Ashley begs for Dee’s life, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. She is forced to watch her beloved boss die. As her reward for winning the cocksucking competition, Ashley is told she’s being released. The killer removes her zip tie collar, only to lace piano wire around the poor girl’s neck. He strangles her slightly more quickly than the others… a fitting prize, he thinks.

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PKF Studios – Nanny Interview 6

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Starring Katie Kush

Rock has another Nanny interview scheduled this afternoon. He prepares the drugged water bottle while he brags to his friend over the phone. They’ve had so much fun lately with this little ruse.

Katie arrives in her cute polka dot dress and glasses. She’s even hotter than her profile photo led on. Rock can’t wait to spring his trap. Katie asks some annoying questions about his “family”, but he easily deflects them as usual. Katie doesn’t take the offered water as expected, but Rock knows it’s only a matter of time.

Noticing Rock staring at her body, Katie grows suspicious. She tries to leave, but the hulking Rock pins her down with ease. He finally gets to lift up her skirt and check out her lace panties as she struggles to get away. Rock retrieves his taser from beneath the sofa and tases Katie into submission.

He props Katie’s big ass into the air and fingers her roughly. Rock wraps his belt around Kate’s neck and brings her to the bedroom. He strangles her until she stops fighting back. Stripped and tied down, Katie is at Rock’s mercy. He cruelly twists her nipples and forces a dildo in her mouth and pussy. Next, he uses a powerful vibrator to force Katie to cum against her will.

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PKF Studios – Nanny Interview 4 Part 2

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With Alexis all but resigned to getting raped, Mr. Jones strips down and removes her red lace panties. She weakly whimpers as he forces his fingers inside her and then again into her lovely mouth. He flips her over and lifts her ass up. She screams for him to stop as he jams his big stiff cock inside. All her fussing just makes him harder. He fucks her hard, not waiting for her pussy to get wet.

Alexis sobs pathetically as Mr. Jones rails her delicious cunt. He pinches her soft pink nipples and holds her down by her throat when she starts to struggle. Mr. Jones bangs her hard while forcing his fingers down her throat. Once he’s thoroughly defiled Alexis’s innocent pussy, Mr. Jones cuffs Alexis’s wrists to her ankles and let’s her struggle for a bit.

Mr. Jones returns later to gloat and play with Alexis’s pretty pink pussy some more. He decides to show her his collection of toys. He shoves the dildo roughly down her throat before jamming into her already abused cunt. The dildo goes into Alexis’s mouth some more, to let her taste the load he left in her vag. Next, comes the vibrator he modified to exceed the safety limits. It buzzes harshly against Alexis’s already throbbing clit. It hurts and she doesn’t want to cum for him, but like everything else today, she has no choice.

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PKF Studios – Nanny Interview 4 Part 1

Download and watch PKF Studios – PKF Studios – Nanny Interview 4 Part 1 on taboovideos. For more PKF videos check out the snuff porn category.

Starring Stella Pharris

Alexis thinks she just landed the perfect nanny gig after moving to a strange new city. Little does she know, the new employer she knows as Mr. Jones doesn’t have a family at all. He uses the appearance of a family life to lure unsuspecting young women into his deadly spider’s web. Mr. Jones has perfected his process so well, that he’s already bragging about bagging Alexis to his associates.

With Alexis incapacitated and hand-cuffed, Mr. Jones is free to take his time with his favorite part. He undoes his leather belt and loops it around Alexis’s pale neck. She can merely whimper before it tightens on her delicate trachea. Alexis feels his rage through the taut belt. Mr. Jones moves her to the bed and ravages Alexis, using the belt around her neck to maintain her submission. He tortures her some more with powerful taser –even tasing her poor pussy!

Mr. Jones strips Alexis down and forces his fingers into her tight twat. She screams and struggles, but that just makes him more ravenous. He forces her to taste her juices on his fingers. Alexis loses the will to fight back and is forced to suck off her violent captor. She hungrily gags on Mr. Jones’s cock, hoping to win his favor. Will it work?

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PKF Studios – Shag Me Or Die

Download and watch PKF Studios – Shag Me Or Die on taboovideos. For more PKF videos check out the snuff porn category.

Starring Natalie Knight

It’s 1974 and Natalie is a student at an exclusive boarding school where the girls are trained to be perfect wives and are ultimately matched to a suitable wealthy man shortly after their 18th birthday.

Natalie has spent the last 8 years growing up in this strange, cult-like school, but it is truly home to her. She is on the phone talking within the closed system of the school to one of her friends about her recent birthday and her hopes and dreams for the man she might marry.

But, her Principal has other plans for her. He has been obsessing over this virtuous teen for months, and now has a plan to have her. He comes bursting into the room for an inspection, then plants a condom in one of her drawers.

Punishments are harsh and she has to choose between death or sucking his cock. She tried to do it, but is inexperiences. No matter, the Principal makes her swallow the barrel of his gun instead and kills her.

Now, he has all the time in the world to have fun with this tiny teen.

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PKF Studios – Suck Before Death

Download and watch PKF Studios – Suck Before Death on taboovideos. For more PKF videos check out the snuff porn category.

“Suck Before Death”
Introducing Lydia

Lydia is chilling in her pad. A crazed man with a gun really wants a BJ. Once he has blown his wad all over Lydias tits, he shoots her in the belly. She writhers around & dies.

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PKF Studios – The Cock Or The Gun

Download and watch PKF Studios – The Cock Or The Gun on taboovideos. For more PKF videos check out the snuff porn category.

“The Cock or The Gun”
Starring Ginger & Tessa

You can see threw a window 2 teen girls making out. If they are going to make out the least they could do is suck your cock. Into the place you pick one & tell her to suck your cock or you will shoot her. She begs but does not suck. Bang your dead you no cock sucking bitch. Now you turn to her girlfriend. You tell her the same “suck my cock or die” This one gets it. So she sucks, a gagging sloppy BJ at that. Once she gets you to spew on her tits it’s time to go. No witnesses. Bang!!!

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