PKF Studios – Team Building

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Let the games begin! Big-titted Dee springs into action and chokes down her attacker’s cock. She’s always been competitive. Stella takes her turn, trying her best to suck it the way her boyfriend always told her to. Soon, all three girls are licking the lucky killer’s balls and sucking his cock. He takes turns roughly face-fucking each one, until finally Ashley is rewarded with a gooey load all over her petite tits. Stella and Dee look on in horror.

Before administering his sentence, he commands Dee and Stella to lick his cum off of Ashley’s chin. Dee complies, but Stella eyes the nearby scissors. The killer is sick of Stella. He tightens the tie around her neck and straddles her as she slowly dies.

There are no participation trophies in this deadly game, even if you have incredible tits. Dee is garrote strangled next. Ashley begs for Dee’s life, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. She is forced to watch her beloved boss die. As her reward for winning the cocksucking competition, Ashley is told she’s being released. The killer removes her zip tie collar, only to lace piano wire around the poor girl’s neck. He strangles her slightly more quickly than the others… a fitting prize, he thinks.

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