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“Last Photos of Nickey”
Starring Nickey Huntsman

Dressed in her cutest sundress, Nickey meets with the photographer at his studio. The buxom aspiring model realizes this could be her big break and is eager to get started. She’s momentarily concerned when she doesn’t immediately see the photographer’s equipment, but he ushers her into the adjoining room where he’s set up for the photoshoot.

The photographer loops a ziptie around Nickey’s neck and pulls it tight. It locks in place, too tight for Nickey to draw a breath. She gags and chokes, but is unable to move her hands or feet in their restraints. The photograph grabs the back of Nickey’s head and shoves his cock in her gagging mouth. He makes her suffocate and choke on his meat, raping her face as the ziptie around her neck slowly kills her. He orders her to make him cum before she croaks.

Nickey dies from strangulation. The photographer cuts her restraints and lets her flop onto the bed. He slides his cock, still glistening with Nickey’s saliva, into her hairy pussy. Her fat cunt is still tight and warm. He plows the dead buxom model, her big tits jiggling with each stroke. The photographer flips Nickey over and bangs her doggystyle. He pulls out and deposits a fat load all over her thick rump. At least her beauty will be preserved forever in his photographs.

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