PKF Studios – End The Schoolgirl: Part 1

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Starring Harmony Wonder

A dead girl lies cooling on the bed. They killed her a while earlier. While his partner is making final preparations for getting rid of the body, he decides to fuck her one last time. As his cock is hugged by her tight pussy, he notes, she is still warm. He would not have cared either way. He fucks the body until he is satisfied…

…22 Hours Earlier

He looked up and saw the girl. Young, innocent looking, and definitely a minor and should not be in his club.
But she wasn’t. This legal, 18 year old high school girl wanted to learn about the lifestyle. She had been researching the dark web club scene for a school project and the little snoop figured out the hidden back entrance to his club and now here she was.  Sure, he would give her a tour. As she walked ahead, he called his buddy….they got a live one!!!
It did not take long for his buddy to show, not the smartest took in the shed, but he knew what do do with fresh young pussy—and that was stop her from fucking leaving.

After they had her chloroformed they tossed her on the bed and went to town. Smelling her all over, rubbing her, molesting her. When she started to wake, they would chloro her again. After some more intimate feeling up and fingering, they got her outer clothes off and put her up on the X.
There, they keep it going. She was awake now and scarred to death. They licked and kissed her, totally wreaking the composure of this once virginous high school girl. She was theirs and she could do nothing but take it.
They started to finger her, cutting off her bra and panties sometime during the process. They choked and gagged her with their fingers, and finally got out a dildo and assaulted her with that as well.

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