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Angel The Dreamgirl – Bad Behavior II

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He says that she would be a slutty whore for him and do whatever he says. She answer him…
She begs, and he pushes her against the wall, bends over and begins to lick her crotch. He rips off her leggings and begins to touch her panties. She talk…

He gets up and makes her turn her back to him, he penetrates her from behind, at the same time he feels her breasts. She talk…

He grabs her hair and makes her go on the couch. He sits down and makes her sit in front of him, penetrating her, kissing her chest. Taking off her top and tearing leggings.
He makes her kneel down on the doggy style and penetrates her. First grabbing at the wrists, and then at the chest.

He rips open her panties and pulls them, makes her stand up and pierces her from behind. She talk…
Finally, He makes her give a blowjob and cumshoot on her face.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – Looks Like Trouble To Her

Download and watch Angel The Dreamgirl – Looks Like Trouble To Her on taboovideos.
 Mr. Jones grabs Angel and moves her to the floor where she lays and writhes in ecstasy, her wrists still bound and her mouth still gagged. Mr. Jones watches her for a bit as the intense pleasure begins to fade. She then stares up at him and struggles playfully and sexily for a bit for him. After a bit she grows a bit agitated and gestures for him to remove the tape gag.
After letting her struggle a bit he reaches down and sensually removes the tape, her lips are still red and gorgeous. She smiles up at him and tells him that was amazing. She wriggles in her bondage a bit before getting serious. She tells him it’s time to let her go, they had a deal and he got what he wanted.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – The Businessman’s Tie

Entering the room with Angel still bound and gagged on the bed. She reacts fearfully and pleads through her gag.
After just admiring her struggle and protest for a bit, he starts touching her a bit, but does not undress her. He tells her how he paid good money for this and intends to get his money’s worth.

I’ve paid good money for you and intends to get my money’s worth.

She should resist.  He threatens her that he’ll hurt her if she bites, before he forces a blowjob.  She is not happy about it.  I’ll hurt you if you’ll bites.

He pulls down his pants, and unties her gag. She doesn’t have much time to plead to let her go before he shoves his cock in her mouth.Please let me go. Please, I will not tell anyone.

The Buyer takes off his satin tie, pulls his cock out, then ties his tie over her mouth, looking something like this. He pushes her onto her side, pushes her panties aside, and then proceeds to fuck her. Cream pie.

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Forbidden Perversions – Mom Blackmailed & Raped

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Honey, I know you don’t want to see this, but I need you to watch. I need you to follow their instructions. I’m not sure how many of them there are. I don’t even know where they have taken me. All I know is that they have me and they will only release me once you pay them the $50,000 fee. I know it’s a lot honey, but you’re going to have to withdraw from your college fund. If you don’t, they will simply keep me here, to use as they please, for as long as they want. baby, they’ll keep sending you videos until you pay them. They’ll keep filling me with their cocks and their spunk until you have raised the full amount. Baby, please help mommy. Please do what they say, or else you’ll just have to keep watching mommy get used by these monsters

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Download SLYYYs BORN TO DIE – PHOTOSHOOT GOES WRONG on taboovideos. For more rape porn and snuff porn check out the snuff category.

A bondage shoot goes wrong for Slyyy when the photographer has other plans for her that go past her limits. Bound, gagged, and helpless, he is going to have his way with her!

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Download SLYYYs BORN TO DIE – BAGGING THE WHORE on taboovideos. For more rape porn and snuff porn check out the snuff category.

Her normal dealer Charlie is not around so she has to deal with his friend. Charlie usually fucks her for her addiction, but it isn’t happening this time. She wants a bag, so she’s gonna get a bag.

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Download SLYYYs BORN TO DIE – SHE SHOULDN’T HAVE CHEATED ON HIM on taboovideos. For more rape porn and snuff porn check out the snuff category.

Coming home late after a night with her lover, she walks into a surprise. Her sugar daddy’s right hand has been awaiting her arrival. Now he can teach her why she shouldn’t cheat on his boss. Her lesson over the next few days will be filled with rape and torture.

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Download SLYYYs BORN TO DIE – DOOMED DOM on taboovideos. For more rape porn and snuff porn check out the snuff category.

Melanie is a dominatrix who makes her money blackmailing high end clients. Tonight she will see what it’s like being on the receiving end as she has been set up. Melanie is drugged and forced into submission. She gets bound, gagged and interrogated however he feels necessary. Still not cooperating with his demands. He continues to torture her until she gives him the access code. Unfortunately for her, he still doesn’t feel she can be trusted and it’s time for the Dom to be snuffed.

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Download SLYYYs BORN TO DIE – INTENSE PAYBACK on taboovideos. For more rape porn and snuff porn check out the snuff category.

She’s been using this guy for a couple weeks now leading him to believe he’ll get in her pants. He’s actually been playing along with her game and eventually gets what he’s been paying for. She learns that she’s not the only one he’s played since he brought some personal items he took from his last few victims.

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Download SLYYYs BORN TO DIE – NIGHTY NIGHT on taboovideos. For more rape porn and snuff porn check out the snuff category.

This whore for hire is too pricey for anything more than a Blowjob, but this john is gonna take what he wants. Even something priceless…
Starring Slyyy

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