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PKF Studios – Insidious Trap

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Starring Riley Reyes

She got the call that her perp had been seen entering this home in the flats. She entered the backdoor and crept quietly through the house. No one here.

She came to to him forcing his cock in her face. She was a cop….a detective and a damn good one. But she was scare. No gun. Cuffed behind her back. She relented and gagged and sucked on his cock. Then…then he did the worse thing she thought would ever happen to her. He raped her.

When it was over, she was relieved…for a moment. Only, he was not done with her. This man, she remembered, was a brutal killer her year serving on the force would not protect her–he would kill her now. He wrapped a cord around her neck. She knew it was over. There was nothing she could do.

His cock was hard and he got right to stripping her. He still left her pant curled up on one leg, her belt, holster and badge on full display. Then he ravaged her corpse. Fucking her in multiple positions, hard, fast and deep until he came within her.

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PKF Studios – Bank Heist 3

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Starring Lily H.

After deciding that a gun was too loud, they set about strangling her. One of the guys did the deed, while the other, with obvious pent up frustration over her, trash talked and touched her.

It was a long, tedious strangle of a girl who must of worked hard on her neck muscles, because once she was dead, the guy was exhausted and did not realize his partner was going to kill him…which he did, ironically with a loud gunshot.

Later, he had her on her back for classic missionary as he build himself up to a creamy conclusion all over her cooling breasts and belly. Satisfied, he left to go scoop up the cash and head out of the country. He would maybe visit Napal—he’d heard the Mt Everest climb was perfect for complete novices like himself.

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PKF Studios – Sneaky Fuckery

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Black Widow is spying on an evil arms dealer named Bronson. She’s searching for some incriminating documents, when the villain sneaks up behind her with a devious new chemical weapon. The toxin incapacitates Black Widow, allowing the sick creep to have his way with her gorgeous body.

He slowly caresses her through her tight costume, before heading directly to her lovely feet. It seems Bronson has something of a foot fetish. He admires Black Widow’s soft feet, before sandwiching them around his hard cock and fucking the superheroines super soles.

Next, Bronson strips Black Widow nude, especially savoring her perky little titties and plump ass. The horny arms dealer shoves his big howitzer in the superheroines lovely pussy, reveling in its defilement. He can’t believe how well his new chemical works, allowing him to use this formidable super spy like a real sex doll.

As if on queue, Black Widow suddenly comes to. He clamps a strong hand over the groggy superheroine’s mouth and pounds her pussy harder, making sure he gets to bust his nut. Then, before Black Widow can fully wake up and fight back with all of her skills, Bronson thinks fast, grabbing his leather belt and using it as a makeshift garrote. The sleepy superheroine stands no chance against the cruel villain. Bronson strangles her and leaves her nude corpse for the Avengers to find.

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PKF Studios – Dead Teen POV

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Starring Harmony Wonder

The hot teen sits on a non-descript sofa in a home or studio and is candidly interviewed by the director.
She is small, petite, cute and just the perfect type of girl for this popular reality POV series. Her answers are cute and intelligent, cementing her personality with the audience enough that when she is ready for action, the audience is excited and hopeful to see her perform.

Suddenly, as the director announcing that now she will be doing a video for Dead Teen POV, the talent wraps a garrote around her tiny next and starts strangling her.

At one point she manages to break free, crawling frantically toward the director begging for her life before she is wretched back into a seated position on the sofa and brutally strangled until dead.
After it is over, the talent then spends plenty of time fucking her gaping teen mouth, then fucking her pussy hole in multiple positions until filling her up with his jizz.

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PKF Studios – Leotard Sentry

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Starring Harmony Wonder

A sentry, in her special uniform, stands guard. She wears a mask to keep the toxins out. Her job is important and she will protect her position with her deadly class of fighting skills.
It takes several minutes to kill her and he is exhausted when the job is complete. In filtrating this facility had been easy until this girl. All the others went down quick. And none of them were so compelling as her. As he was strangling her, feeling her body rubbing against him, he knew he would have to have her.

He did not waste time. He explored her a bit, tasting her pussy, then pulling the fabric of her leotard to one side, he let his cock explore her tight pussy. He fucked her for a while missionary, then put her up on her knees and spend the remaining time fucking her doggy style.

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PKF Studios – Fascination

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Starring Kate Kennedy

She was on a case. A young woman murdered. At the hotel, she pulled off the tape and entered the room. The body had been removed earlier in the day. The scene was cleared. She just wanted to take in the aesthetics of the crime scene to help her think about the victim, motive, etc. It was helpful to her and something she often did. Only, this time was different. While she did her normal looking at the scene, she was drawn to the noose. Red. Just hanging there. 

She slipped out of her shoes, replacing the chair that the victim had stood on only hours before, and stepped up. With the noose around her neck, she felt strongly empowered. Empowered with the knowledge that she had ultimate control of her life—her very existence right now in this moment. She could end it all. And…that made her feel sexy.
As the young detective fondled herself, he watched her. He came back through the vent after the CSI’s left. He knew they would find no evidence. He was a ghost. But still, he liked to look things over anyhow and that was when she arrived. Now, he was turned on as he watched her fondle herself below him. He could yank up on the noose, dislodge her, and kill her now. But there as something about her. He wanted to see more of her.

She climbed back down and headed upstairs to complete her investigation. It was there she was attacked. Chloroformed.
She woke up, hands cuffed behind her back, bit-gagged. Vulnerable. He tried to confront her, and he had his way with her. She was not in her right might. Loopy from the chloroforming, high from the orgasm earlier, and now getting fucked the way she wanted it…secretly. She knew she was in peril, but could do anything about it. So, she started to comply. By the end, he was deep inside her with his massive cock, running his fingers on her anus. Pleasure she never felt alone with a foreboding feeling that she was going to be fucked—and not in the sexual way. But she pushed that thought back down as he brought her to her knees, rope around her neck, forcing her to suck him off.
When it was over, she was light-headed and ready for what was next.

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PKF Studios – Alone And Vulnerable

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Starring Stella Marie

She had a nice time with her boyfriend; staying in a nice hotel for the last week. But, he had to go back to work and caught a flight a day early. She had one more night to enjoy herself before classes started on Monday.
A knock at her door had her nervous….a girl, alone–she was vulnerable to some creeper who might have seen her this week. But, she was being paranoid. It was just hotel maintenance. But when she opened the door–it was the desk clerk, and he did not look friendly. She bolted for the stairs but he tasered her and got her under his control. Be quiet, be compliant. She might live.
Upstairs, he tasered her some more–weakened her like had had done with so many other girls before. He slowly molested her, eventually cutting off her clothing, and playing with her delicious young, petite body.

She was a fine catch.
He gagged her with his fingers—then fingered her pussy with her juices and spit. He later did the same with a dildo.
He ball gagged her for a while as well. As time went on and he become more and more excited by her, he pinned her down and fucked her mouth. Eventually, he fucked her in several positions, her tight pussy hugging his cock. She was so wet, some part of her must like it….right? Did he really care. No.
When he was done, he left her tied up and commenced with the robbery portion of the evening. With that done, he fucked her mouth some more….this time, unloading in her mouth and on her face. Exhausted, he just had one more thing to do. Eliminate the witness.

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PKF Studios – Alone And Vulnerable 2: Part 2

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After the initial sexual torture, it continues. Now, he is ready to take her. He fucks her in several positions, but he is not done. He starts playing with her ass. She does not want it their….but he does.
He fingers her ass, then slides his engorged cock deep in her butt—what was once a one way now is two way!…..She is in misery as he fucks her ass for a good long while.

She is sobbing and exhausted when done, but he wants something else from her. He wants her to wrap her teenage lips around his cock and suck him like there is no tomorrow. And so that she may live, she does.
When it is over, she is dripping with his jizz. She wants nothing more for him to leave and for this nightmare to be over.
But he wants one more thing from her.
Her life.
He wraps the silk tie of her robe around her neck and yanks her back. She fights for her life….legs jiggling and kicking. Her whole body bucks and her face contorts as she tried for air. Nothing enters. She is dying and the fear is in her eyes as she understands this.
In the final stages, her body is just responding, shaking, twitching and then eventually still. He has killed her.

Then, he leaves.

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PKF Studios – Alone And Vulnerable 2: Part 1

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Starring Vienna Rose

She’s in hiding in a local hotel. Her ex boyfriend recently broke his restraining order and trashed her house. Now she fears for her life. After a week in this hotel, she has been ordering nightly from the same restaurant. She’s gotten pretty used to the delivery man. She feels safe. So safe, that she casually opens the door for him without looking–walking off to get some cash for tip. But the man who enters is not the regular delivery guy and the moment she hears his voice, she knows she is in trouble.

He tazers her first, getting her to comply and be quiet. Then he takes her up to the bedroom for some fun.
He lusts after her…his ex girlfriend. But he can’t ever have her in the normal way. So he will make this night thier last time together.
He spends plenty of time sexually tormenting her. He rubs her body, threatens her with the tazer and choking her. He eventually cuts off her clothes and roughly gags and fingers her.
He fucks her mouth intensely.
Later he forces her to choke on a dildo then shoves it up her pussy.
Then he gets out a girls favorite toy. The vibrator, only she is not too happy about it. He uses it extensively on her clit, forcing her into many exhausting orgasms.
And this is only the beginning….

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PKF Studios – End The Schoolgirl: Part 2

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They had captured a local school girl and had been sexually abusing and molesting her.

Good times….

The next phase was forced orgasm. They pulled out the magic wand and went to town. She reacting intensely to it, at one point, raining copious amounts of liquid from her pussy. When it was over, she had passed out.
Over 12 hours later, she woke up in a dog crate and she sat, and waited for her captures to hopefully set her free. Only they were not ready for that—-they were just getting started.
They had her crawl across the room and suck them off. Then up on the bed they began to rape her. It was intense. They both were on her at once. There was always a cock in her mouth and pussy. After multiple positions and making her gag many time either with hand choking, cock or both, they let her alone to contemplate her fate.

Later they returned and when she became resistant, they tasered her multiple times until she was ready to comply.
On her knees she gave them a life saving blowjob. At least she thought it would be. She did her best, having never given one before except her in captivity. She slobber and rolled over there large cocks, taking them in as far as she could until she milked both of them of their cream and was covered with it.
Then a cord went around her neck, she was yanked back and they were killing her. She fought hard, struggling for her young life with all the energy that comes with a petite 18 year old teen. He yanks her up onto the bed for better leverage, and his partner fingers her tight juicy pussy hole.
She jiggles and gyrates, contorting her face, tongue lashing at the air she so desperately needs. Her hips buck and pulse, spasming as she looses oxygen. Eventually she is just jello and finally she is still. Staring at nothing, nobody home….DEAD. They leave her spread out on the bed as they figure out what they need to do to make her disappear.

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