PKF Studios – Cleaning Up A Problem

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Starring Lily Glee

The masked attacker calmly grabs her by the ankles and drags her to the bedroom. He calmly strips the pretty young girl out of her professional attire. The hitman gropes Lily’s tits up, then proceeds to remove her slacks and high heels. He fondles his knocked out prize some more, then prepares the noose for Lily’s execution.

Lily wakes up to find herself about to be hanged. The hitman lets the girl drop and the rope snaps taught with a sick crack. Her naked body writhes sickeningly as she gurgles and chokes. Lily’s trachea is crushed under the weight of her own body and she drools all over herself.

Finally, Lily hangs still and the cold-blooded killer cuts her down. He arranges the rope around her fallen corpse like a chalk outline. The cleaner arrives later to take care of the crime scene. The assassin is long gone, so he takes his time groping Lily’s pretty young ass and pussy. He goes down on the dead girl, then makes her hand stroke his cock while his fingers explore her mouth.

The cleaner fucks Lily’s warm dead mouth. He sixty-nines with the beautiful cadaver, then fucks her right on the floor. Lily’s eyes stare dead ahead, the noose still around her neck. The cleaner poses her ass up and fucks her doggystyle. He pulls out and shoots a ropey load all over Lily’s lithe back. He rolls the dead girl, rope and all, up in a large sheet of plastic. Lily will be disposed of… in time.

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