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The woodsman returned when he heard her whimpers. He unlocked the cage, handcuffed her and dragged her out by her hair. She pleaded with him but he never said one word. He pulled her up off the ground and carried her into a barn. Inside was an old medical bed. His sick elderly mother passed away and he kept it for lost girls he found in the woods. He handcuffed Kimmy to it and pulled out his cock. She was forced to suck it. He rammed it down her throat until she gagged. The woodsman put her on all fours and opened her pussy wide. He slammed his cock in her. She begged and cried out in pain, but he never spoke. He came hard inside her. He wrapped his hands around her tiny throat and squeezed until she stopped moving.

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The collector laughed and told her to go over and suck Brent’s cock. Brent could not help but watch his mother suck his cock. It felt great even though he had a gun to his head. The collector stood her up and cuffed mother and son together. Then he made sit down on her son’s hard cock and fuck him. She could not help but enjoy the act even though she was disgusted by who she was doing it with. The collector was turned on by the site of a mother riding her son’s cock that he shoved his cock back in her mouth and made her suck him while she continued to ride. He told them that he wanted to see the son cum. Brent was not going to have any problem. He would not admit it but he was very turned on. The collector put Stacie back on her knees and told her to suck until the son shot his load. He blew in her mouth. She was able to let it dribble out so she did not have to swallow it. She was disgusted by what she had to do to protect her offspring.

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Against her will – No Witness

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He grabbed his father’s gun and walked into the living room. He raised the gun and told her she was not telling anyone. He put a couple rounds into his aunt. Months later Stacie is still despondent. She had not let Brent touch her since that night. She had started drinking heavily. Her husband still had not come back. Brent walked into the room. He decided he had had enough. His girlfriend was just not doing it for him anymore. His mother was the kinkiest bitch he had ever fucked. He grabbed her glass and put it on the table. He told her she was drunk. She said she could not stand it anymore. She needed to go talk to someone about the situation. Brent told her she was not going to tell anyone anything. He pulled out his cock and told her to suck it. He grabbed the back of her head and jammed her onto his cock. She was scared and kept sucking his cock. She kept telling him it would be OK. She wanted to talk to someone about it. He told her it was not going to happen. He pushed her down on the couch and shoved his big cock in her pussy.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – Looks Like Trouble To Her

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 Mr. Jones grabs Angel and moves her to the floor where she lays and writhes in ecstasy, her wrists still bound and her mouth still gagged. Mr. Jones watches her for a bit as the intense pleasure begins to fade. She then stares up at him and struggles playfully and sexily for a bit for him. After a bit she grows a bit agitated and gestures for him to remove the tape gag.
After letting her struggle a bit he reaches down and sensually removes the tape, her lips are still red and gorgeous. She smiles up at him and tells him that was amazing. She wriggles in her bondage a bit before getting serious. She tells him it’s time to let her go, they had a deal and he got what he wanted.

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Davina Davis – Bound Slave Pissed On And Anally Raped

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PKF Studios – Cleaning Up A Problem

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Starring Lily Glee

The masked attacker calmly grabs her by the ankles and drags her to the bedroom. He calmly strips the pretty young girl out of her professional attire. The hitman gropes Lily’s tits up, then proceeds to remove her slacks and high heels. He fondles his knocked out prize some more, then prepares the noose for Lily’s execution.

Lily wakes up to find herself about to be hanged. The hitman lets the girl drop and the rope snaps taught with a sick crack. Her naked body writhes sickeningly as she gurgles and chokes. Lily’s trachea is crushed under the weight of her own body and she drools all over herself.

Finally, Lily hangs still and the cold-blooded killer cuts her down. He arranges the rope around her fallen corpse like a chalk outline. The cleaner arrives later to take care of the crime scene. The assassin is long gone, so he takes his time groping Lily’s pretty young ass and pussy. He goes down on the dead girl, then makes her hand stroke his cock while his fingers explore her mouth.

The cleaner fucks Lily’s warm dead mouth. He sixty-nines with the beautiful cadaver, then fucks her right on the floor. Lily’s eyes stare dead ahead, the noose still around her neck. The cleaner poses her ass up and fucks her doggystyle. He pulls out and shoots a ropey load all over Lily’s lithe back. He rolls the dead girl, rope and all, up in a large sheet of plastic. Lily will be disposed of… in time.

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PKF Studios – Inside Stalker 3: Part 2

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The stalker lives out all of his long-held fantasies. He forces Natalie’s long legs open, drilling her tight box, then turns her around and pounds her doggystyle. Natalie whimpers and screams, but she can’t escape his vengeful cock.

Once he’s used her up from every angle, the stalker hogties Natalie and let’s her stew for a bit. He returns later to spank Natalie’s naughty ass. She finally stops screaming long enough for him to make her an offer. He’ll let her live if she gives him the best blowjob of her life. Natalie reluctantly gets on her knees and goes to work servicing her attacker’s cock.

The stalker rewards Natalie with a thick, ropey load all over her face. Then, he gives her the release she craves. With Natalie distracted, the stalker slips a length of rope around Natalie’s neck. She thrashes wildly, sensing her impending doom. She can’t escape though, and he chokes the life out of her. The stalker leaves Natalie lying on her bed, her cum-soaked visage frozen in a death mask.

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