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XxxtremeComixxx – Out Of The Abyss


Screams echo through an empty house, as a young, blonde woman runs, terrified and mad with panic. She is pursued by an inhuman creature, a scaly troglodyte that has risen from the briny abyss. It is driven by a primal, biologic imperative. To mate. The unfortunate damsel who it has chosen as its target for its lustful desires is naked, her most private parts exposed, her clothes having been torn off by the beast’s webbed talons. When she finds herself trapped, the creature is on her in an instant and flings her to the ground. Kneeling over her, it pries her legs apart, her tender sex vulnerable and exposed, as the beast’s slimy erection nudges at her delicate folds. With a brutal thrust, the thick, hard phallus invades her cunt, stretching it wider to accommodate its fantastic girth, until she feels that she will certainly be torn open. The thing pounds itself into the petite blonde with a ferocious intensity, while she is helpless to do little more than scream and thrash and whimper as it defiles her. It stands to roar, ecstatic with its conquest, but its frightened prey lashes out, a kick to its dick causing it to howl in pain. Her attacker momentarily distracted, the girl flees, desperate for escape, but soon trips, thus sealing her fate. The enraged beast grabs her and, lifting her off the ground, effortlessly throws her onto a bed, leaping on top of her and continuing its obscene assault. Pushing deeper and deeper inside her, the creature ravages her with an inhuman stamina, throwing her around like a flimsy rag doll as it punches her womb with each mighty thrust. Suddenly, she poor girl feels its grip on her tighten and the huge cock inside her pulse and throb. A wave of horror and revulsion overtake her as she can feel its hot, slimy cum pump into her as a flood of sperm fills her up and leaks out in a sticky mess. The creature rolls over and falls into a slumber, while the girl curls up and weeps, her psyche shattered by the beastial violation.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Monster, Terror, Screaming, Whimpering, Forced Sex, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views

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Primals Fantasies – Ravaged by a Lustful Spirit

The ghost snaps his fingers and she comes out off it. She is hysterical with terror as he grabs her and throws her against the wall. He kneels down burying his face in her ass.

He whips her around with her back against the wall and vigorously rubs her pussy. She wiggles and gyrates as she screams for help. He then goes down on her pussy licking the front of her leotard soaking it wet with his saliva. Her face contorts perversely as her pussy is stimulated

He clears the table to sit on top of it and pulls her body on top of him. He assaults her as she tries to break free twirling her body around and around to grope her from front to back. Her body betrays her as she grinds on his leg. She becomes exhausted.

He stands and throws her on the table assaulting her body further. He pulls down her other leg warmer to her ankles. He kisses her ass, licks her breasts and eats her pussy through her leotard. Turning her when necessary to do what he wants.

The Ghost: Your male audience must be stroking their cocks like mad. This is your best show ever!

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XXXtremeComixxx – Lair Of The Space Monk

“Lair of the Space Monk” 
Starring Emma Scarlett

Black Canary has been tracking the Space Monk for weeks now, but she’s finally found his lair. She stealthily makes her way deeper into his base of operations. Or, at least, as stealthily as one can be in high heel boots, thigh-high, fishnet stockings, black, leather hot pants and matching corset. She claims that her sexy look distracts the criminals that she fights and gives her an edge, but Green Arrow thinks that she just likes to show off that tight, firm body of hers. Hey, no one on the Justice League is complaining. Finally, she reaches the innermost room, complete with an altar, inscribed with mystic symbols. Suddenly, the Monk himself appears. It was all a trap! Canary let’s loose her trademark, sonic cry, but the Monk nullifies it with his own magics, and renders the superheroine unconscious. When she comes to, she finds herself bound tight with strong rope, a gag in her mouth to take away her most powerful weapon.

The otherworldly monk makes no secret of his intentions, quickly undoing the zippers of her outfit to expose her tight, shaved cunt and perky tits. He gropes and licks his way around her squirming body, sucking on her pink, hard nipples and juicy snatch. She is horrified at her helplessness and struggles futilely as she is molested. He savagely shoves his fingers deep inside her, making her cry out, as he finger fucks her, widening the snug walls of her pussy. Forcing her legs wide open, he crams his fat erection into her vulnerable womanhood. She whimpers as he throws her around, pounding her relentlessly and enjoying her humiliation. After several agonizing minutes of being violated, the Monk throws his head back and grunts like a beast, while Canary weeps, feeling his huge cock pulse, as it empties a sack’s worth of cum, buried inside her. 

Defiling the helpless superheroine was only the first part of the plan. Now comes the sacrifice. Wrapping a rope around Canary’s fragile neck, the monk pulls tight, blocking her windpipe, leaving her gasping for air. Her eyes go wide with fear and desperation, as she thrashes about, but she is still tied fast and his strength, fueled by wicked magic, is far greater than her’s. She sags as her body begins to shut down, the lack of oxygen ending her short life. Her eyes roll up in her head, tongue lolling from her slack mouth and her body going limp, death taking all the vitality that she once had. Releasing her, letting Canary’s lifeless body to crumple to the bed, the Space Monk crawls between her legs. Placing his mouth on her defenseless pussy, he sucks her very soul from her badly beaten cunt, and leaves her abused corpse exposed, sprawled in an undignified tangle. 
Fetish Elements:  Explicit Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Superheroine, Costume, Thigh-High Stockings, Fondling, Rope Bondage, Ball Gag, Forced Fingering, Forced Sex, FX, Garrote Strangling, Necro Pussy Licking, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views.

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XxxtremeComixxx – Spanking Harley Quinn

“Spanking Harley Quinn”
Starring Trisha Parks

Even amongst the all the nefarious criminals in Gotham’s rogues gallery, there are none as untrustworthy as the Joker. It’s a fact that Harley Quinn knows all too well, but there is still nothing she wouldn’t do for her Puddin’. So she suspects nothing when she is sent, with one of his henchmen, to rob a house filled with priceless art. A rifle butt to the head proves as effective as a roofie in making her unconscious and compliant. The man locks her hands behind her back with steel reinforced leather shackles and forces a ball gag into her teeth, stretching her sexy, red lips wide as it fills her mouth.

Joker’s henchman has always wanted a chance at Harley. He has seen the J man give her to others, either as a reward for a job well done, a punishment for Harley or just the simple enjoyment of humiliating her by proving that she is nothing more to him than a set of warm holes. It has always been her ass that has captivated this man, haunted his dreams. Now that she is helpless, he takes her over his knee and begins to spank her, his rough hands raining abuse down upon her full, round ass. Again and again, his vicious slaps stinging more with each blow, turning her pale skin a hot crimson. Interspersed with the pain is pleasure, as the man spreads her pussy lips wide, gaping her wet hole and shoving his fingers inside her. He figured she’d have to have a screw loose to hook up with the Joker, but this sick bitch is positively dripping from the abuse. 

With his dick trying to rip a hole in his pants, he’s ready to bury his aching cock deep in her wet muff. She moans through the gag, as his shaft stretches her tight snatch, ramming into her repeatedly. She tugs against her bonds as she writhes under the his bulk, his hard, throbbing meat invading her most intimate places, but whether it’s from ecstasy or the indignity of being fucked, he doesn’t care. Flipping her over and spreading her legs wide, she is defenseless as he plunges inside her, using her for his own enjoyment. Her snug cunt twitches around his cock and sends him over the edge. As a further debasement, the man pulls out and ejects copious globs of goo over her. The man stands, stuffing his spent cock back into his pants and walking behind Harley. The Joker’s instructions were very clear and, despite the random nature of them, he’s not about to disobey.

Grabbing the exhausted fuck doll by her neck, he squeezes with both his hands, easily overpowering the shackled woman, cutting off her precious supply of air. She kicks and struggles, but to no avail. Her vision dims as the light fades from her eyes, her last thoughts of Mr. J. The henchman leaves her corpse in the house they broke into, dead eyes staring and his cum crusting on her cooling skin. Looks like the Joker is in the market for another side kick. 

Fetish Elements:  Explicit Sexual Content, Supervillian, Costume, Disheveled, Bondage, Ball Gag, Spanking, Pussy Licking, Fingering, Sex, Boots, Stockings, Hand Strangling, Rolling, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views.

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