XXXtremeComixxx – Lair Of The Space Monk

“Lair of the Space Monk” 
Starring Emma Scarlett

Black Canary has been tracking the Space Monk for weeks now, but she’s finally found his lair. She stealthily makes her way deeper into his base of operations. Or, at least, as stealthily as one can be in high heel boots, thigh-high, fishnet stockings, black, leather hot pants and matching corset. She claims that her sexy look distracts the criminals that she fights and gives her an edge, but Green Arrow thinks that she just likes to show off that tight, firm body of hers. Hey, no one on the Justice League is complaining. Finally, she reaches the innermost room, complete with an altar, inscribed with mystic symbols. Suddenly, the Monk himself appears. It was all a trap! Canary let’s loose her trademark, sonic cry, but the Monk nullifies it with his own magics, and renders the superheroine unconscious. When she comes to, she finds herself bound tight with strong rope, a gag in her mouth to take away her most powerful weapon.

The otherworldly monk makes no secret of his intentions, quickly undoing the zippers of her outfit to expose her tight, shaved cunt and perky tits. He gropes and licks his way around her squirming body, sucking on her pink, hard nipples and juicy snatch. She is horrified at her helplessness and struggles futilely as she is molested. He savagely shoves his fingers deep inside her, making her cry out, as he finger fucks her, widening the snug walls of her pussy. Forcing her legs wide open, he crams his fat erection into her vulnerable womanhood. She whimpers as he throws her around, pounding her relentlessly and enjoying her humiliation. After several agonizing minutes of being violated, the Monk throws his head back and grunts like a beast, while Canary weeps, feeling his huge cock pulse, as it empties a sack’s worth of cum, buried inside her. 

Defiling the helpless superheroine was only the first part of the plan. Now comes the sacrifice. Wrapping a rope around Canary’s fragile neck, the monk pulls tight, blocking her windpipe, leaving her gasping for air. Her eyes go wide with fear and desperation, as she thrashes about, but she is still tied fast and his strength, fueled by wicked magic, is far greater than her’s. She sags as her body begins to shut down, the lack of oxygen ending her short life. Her eyes roll up in her head, tongue lolling from her slack mouth and her body going limp, death taking all the vitality that she once had. Releasing her, letting Canary’s lifeless body to crumple to the bed, the Space Monk crawls between her legs. Placing his mouth on her defenseless pussy, he sucks her very soul from her badly beaten cunt, and leaves her abused corpse exposed, sprawled in an undignified tangle. 
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