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Supergirl – The End Of SHL

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Kara decides to give the director a taste of his own medicine.
Kara reveals her true self before understanding Damien has a trick up his sleeve that contains its own ‘magical’ abilities. Despite all her power, with the drop of some ink to paper, the battle will be lost.
Damien and his film crew are ready to make their claims into truth and they are bidding out options to whomever wants to pay top dollar. Supergirl will not go down without a fight.

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“Exterminated” Starring Bella Rolland

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It is seldom that she’s ever on the losing end of any fight. The hired thug poses no real issue, but something feels different in her encounter with her nemesis. He never divulges his secret, but unbeknownst to her, he has prepared for this encounter, not looking to be humiliated again after their first run in years back. This preparation serves him well. Fueled by his hatred after his humiliating loss, and further ignited by years locked up, his revenged knows no bounds. It is not looking good for Scorpia this time. Find out if she survives to fight another day.

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TBFE – Jungle Girl

Watch and download TBFE – Jungle Girl on taboovideos. For more heriones getting raped and forced check out the superheroine category.

If she doesn’t remember something quickly, her survival is at stake. What’s worse is the man seems to know her weaknesses both physically and mentally, and even sexually. If she’s too weak to defend a physical attack, how can she fend off a sexual attack? She’ll find out…

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TBFE – Descent

Watch and download TBFE – Descent on taboovideos. For more heriones getting raped and forced check out the superheroine category.

With the most potent formula of chloroform at his disposal, the villain finds it is only effective for limited periods of time. Although she continues to wake, her strength is limited, and fight as she may, the villain continues to put her out. All he must do is keep her at bay until the transport arrives. Unfortunately for poor WW, the transport is delayed indefinitely, and she finds herself on the receiving end of a continual barrage of violence and KO’s.

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Mia Malkova – Slavery

Watch and download Mia Malkova – Slavery on taboovideos. For more heriones getting raped and forced check out the superheroine category.

Once cameras roll, Dr. Jeffries advertises his special “serum”, suggesting the buyers will need it to keep their slave in compliance. Requests begin arriving from around the world and Dr. Jeffries does his best to comply with them. Most potential customers want to know what Wonder will do and with the possibility of hundreds of thousands of dollars hanging in the balance, Jeffries demonstrates Wonder’s limits or lack there of with pleasure. Find out if Wonder survives the onslaught of sexual debauchery administered by the world.

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Suprema Mindgames

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Scarecrow knocks Suprema out and places her on his bed. Groping her body. Exposing her breasts for his enjoyment. Forcing her to drink more of the drugged water. With very little resistance, he is able to take advantage of her in anyway that he desires.

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LuciaFilms Original Movie – Strike

Watch and download LuciaFilms Original Movie – Strike on taboovideos. For more heriones getting raped and forced check out the superheroine category.

Riley Ransom’s (Christoph) and Backup (Lu-Lewd) continue their kinetic throw down with heroine Rift (Lucy Westentra). Picking up from the alarming unconsciousness rendered by the control collar in STRIKE 2: PART 1, the villainous duo wastes no time making the most of this turn of events. As both parties fight for control of the collar, Rifts ability to contend with the pair wanes desperately.
This intense entry into the Strike series marks the most viscerally sexual throw-down we’ve ever filmed alongside our trademark brutal fight-scenes.

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Hands of Man – Aftermath

Watch and download Hands of Man – Aftermath on taboovideos.
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No Hope 2

Solaria tracks down 2 missing special operatives that are being held and interrogated in an underground facility by a cybernetically enhanced hired gun. She engages with the cyborg but from the first strike, she realizes she’s in for it. She’ll later realize the cyborg is constructed with a kryptonium derivative intentionally designed to weaken Solaria should they encounter each other. She holds for quite a while and doesn’t even try and use her powers falsely thinking she’s got the fight under control. Before she knows what’s happening, she finds herself on the losing end. As a last-ditch effort, she summons all the strength she can to activate her laser eyes which vaporize most of the organic parts of the cyborg, leaving only some of the mechanical pieces and some green crystals and fluid, likely from the power source the cyborg was using. The recent altercation combined with the proximity to the green remnants, Solaria finds herself barely able to stay awake. The two special operatives find themselves locked in a room far below the surface with an impenetrable steel door, and an incoherent heroine laying in front of them. Find out what happens.

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Scarlet Betrayal

A custom in a classic vein. In this alternate timeline we get to see a younger Agent Scarlet and Brodrick the Bullet at the moment of his defection from the Agency. Engineered by the most powerful crime boss in Nocturne City, what follows is a brutal betrayal and an even more brutal battle. Witness the moment that defined the rivalry of the agencies two top agents through the often dire lens of the Dark Universe timeline. 

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