Psycho Thrillers – The Murder of Mindy

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Starring Tia Cyrus.

A talented Latina pop star, on the rise in the US becomes the target of 2 hit men posing as talent assistants in order to torture rape her and kill her. The reason is her father, living in his native country, is in deep trouble with the cartels and since they cannot get to him, they have reached out to hurt him through his daughter. Thinking his daughter’s rising fame will afford her a measure of protection, he guessed wrong and discovers this when he receives a phone call from the 2 men while his daughter is being torture strangled, allowed to speak for a few second before being strangled again. The kidnap, rape, strangulation and necrophilia goes on for what feels like hours until both men have thoroughly fucked every hole she was born with before painfully discarding of her existence.

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