Psycho Thrillers – Agent 69

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Starring: Dallas Black.

She charges for her knife, but the target trips her. Just as she touches her knife he was on top of her. He hit the Agent a several times until she dropped her knife and fell unconscious. The target lifted her ski mask and reveals a beautiful woman. He takes advantage of the situation while she is still unconscious. He rips off her nylons and penetrates her pussy. The target fucks her in two positions until she wakes up and start fighting trying to defended herself. The target grabs his rope belt, puts it around her neck and starts strangling her. The Agent puts up fight until she couldn’t fight any more and submits to her death. Her body is still warm and twitches. The target didn’t finished pleasuring himself, so he fucked her dead body until he climaxes on her stomach. Pissed of that she was able to get past his guards, he call them to clean up the mess!

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