Psycho Thrillers – PTSD

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Starring: Zoe Clark, Tommy Pistol, Jack Vegas

A couple is sleeping. The guy is tossing his head from side to side, dreaming about the war. Suddenly he opens his eyes, jumps on top of his wife and starts strangling her with his hands. He is screaming at her, “You fucking bitch you killed my guys, you will die nice and slow!”.

His wife, gasping, tries to fight him. He continues till she almost passes out. Then he stops and goes back to sleep. Wife gasps for her breath, coughs and catches her breath. Then she rolls against the headboard and cries watching her husband sleep. In the morning he sees the handprints on her neck and he asks her if was it him again. She says yes and starts cry. He gets upset and calls his doctor. 

Later that day they are in doctor’s office. Lily is talking to the doctor. Telling him things got worse. Doctor uncovers her scarf and sees the markings on her neck. He tells her he can increase his medication but things might get even worse before they get better. He recommends she move out with her friends or parents for a couple of weeks.

Jack takes his pills as soon as they got home. Later that day Lily packs her case to go to her mom’s. They both agreed it is best for her safety. Before she leaves they make love and afterwards they fall sleep. Jack wakes up again, grabs the scarf wrapped around her neck and starts strangling her. But this time he finishes her off. When she is dead he lies next to her and falls asleep again. 

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