Psycho Thrillers – Last Dance

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Starring: Hannah Hayes, Tommy Pistol

A professional hip-hop dancer is hired for a new model. He teaches her some new moves, and afterward they start to get intimate. They are making out when her agent walks in. The agent is angry and fires the dance teacher. He accuses him of trying to fuck every girl he gives lessons to. 
He also yells at the new girl, but she does not show him any respect. In fact she laughs at him. The agent snaps, grabbing her by the neck, pinning her to the wall and choking her. She tries to get free and they fight hard, with the agent finally getting behind her and snapping her neck. He tosses her dead body on the bed and fucks her corpse. Then he calls his disposal guy to come and get rid of her body. Her really needs to find dancers with less attitude.

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