PKF Studios – Please Spare My Daughter

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Starring Solara Silque and Savanna Silque
Directed By John Marshall

Note: Solara and Savanna are REAL mother and daughter.

The house was like all the others, a ranch style, small, unimpressive. It was light rain that day. My brain was high and I was ready for anything. I pick the house randomly. It was 4pm in the afternoon. 

I burst in. The lady was sitting on the couch. I quickly subdued her and figured out she had a daughter, just home from school, sleeping in her room. I tied this bitch up.

The daughter was as hot as her mom. She was out, sleeping. I checked her out then she woke up. I got in her face right away so she knew who was boss. Made her strip. Gagged her. Made her come into the family room where her mom was laying on the floor face down stripped and cuffed. 

Two hot bitches. What to do. I had some time to kill.

So, I made the mom suck my cock while her daughter watched. It was hot. I wanted to blow my load on both there faces, but held on. I wanted to get to the daughter next, but kept it up with the mom. Her daughter was sobbing like a little hurt princess. She looked so young and do naive. I bet she was a virgin or close. I fucked her mom–doggy over her daughter at first, then missionary on the couch as her head slammed against her. I went deep and hard into her mommy cunt.

Now, it was time for the girl. She looked so scared and I started getting my cock up to her, but the mom, fucking bitch–lets just say, interfered with my plan. So, I put them both out. It was time to get going.

At the warehouse, they were on the floor and out. I was dicking around with the dad on the phone, but turns out, they were divorced and it was not very amicable He was a dooshbag and I was not gonna get anything out of him. Turns out, she just filed for bankruptcy cause her house was about to be foreclosed on, so this whole plan was a big waist of time. Well, at least I could still fuck the daughter.

So, I go down and am about to when the mom whispers to me. She propositions me. She wants to suck my cock real good and let go her daughter. So I bite. I need entertainment now that everything else has fallen through. She was wanting to take it for her daughter–what a nobel bitch.

So, she sucks my cock good–really good in fact. Her daughter wakes up, sad about it all, watching the whole time. 

When it was over, I toss daughter the keys. Man the look on moms face–almost happiness—then psych—I shoot her kid. She goes down. Arching her back, pain, agony. I missed her heart by a thimble.

The mom was over the top intense. I think she loved her daughter or something. So, I sped her death along and shot her daughter two more time. It is the least I could do.

Mommy was devastated. She tried to touch her kid, burry her dead in her crotch. It would honestly be sad to watch if I was not a functional sociopath and had no actual empathy. So, I fucked with the moms mind for a bit. She actually wanted me just to kill her. 

So, I did.  Two shots. Then a third just to finish it. 
Both were dead. I had no ransom. But, I had some fun and will do it again. I think, next time, I need a bigger family.

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