PKF Studios – Bought Her To Kill Her

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“Bought Her to Kill Her”
Starring Moka Mora

In a shadowy region of foreign city, lives are bought and sold for the amusement of callous men. A young girl, sold into slavery by her impoverished family, languishes on a dirty mattress in a dark, cramped room. She looks up when the man enters, tall and menacing. Men only come in her room for one thing, so she automatically gets to her knees and begins to undo his belt buckle. He grabs her hair and throat fucks her, but she accepts the hard cock forced into her mouth; this is not an area that gentle folk visit. But he has paid more than most for her services this evening. He has bought her in full, because after he is through, she will be nothing more than a broken, cum-filled corpse. Who knows what she may be used for after that?

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