PKF Studios – Inside Stalker 3: Part 1

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“Inside Stalker 3”
Starring Natalie Knight

After dragging Natalie to her bed, the stalker roughly shoves a finger in her cunt to test the chloroform’s effectiveness. Natalie begins to stir, so he simply places the rag over her face again. With her sufficiently knocked-out, the stalker strips Natalie’s chic outfit off and sinks his teeth into her ass.

The stalker ties Natalie down to the bed and gags her mouth with a bit, then proceeds to lavish her delicious pussy with his tongue. Natalie wakes up halfway through and squirms pathetically. The stalker flicks open his knife and cuts off Natalie’s bright yellow bra. He squeezes her petite breasts roughly, biting and pinching her nipples.

After that prolonged nipple torture, the stalker cuts off Natalie’s soaked yellow panties. He lets her squirm in horrified anticipation before eating her tasty twat some more. He retrieves Natalie’s dildo from her nightstand and makes her to gag on it before forcing it painfully up her stuck-up cunt. He makes the uncooperative bitch get wet with a vibrator, eventually bringing her to an orgasm she didn’t want. Finally, the stalker feels some sense of closure for Natalie ghosting him, but he’s just getting started…

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