PKF Studios – Inside Stalker 2 Part 1

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“Inside Stalker 2”
Part 1

Starring Harmony Wonder

She knew there had been some murders in the area, but she was confident in herself, having taking some self-defense classes and keeping a taser beside her bed.

But the stalker did not care. As he chloroformed her, she struggle violently for a moment–even trying to reach that very taser she was so proud of. Now, it was just bound to be foreshadowing.

Shen she woke, he tormented her with his presence, sexually fondling her, cutting her clothing off, the forcing various things into her holes—fingers and dildo. Intermittently, he used that taser on her to keep her in line.

He forced her to suck his cock, the flipped her over, licking her ass.

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