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Starring Riley Reyes

Ms. Reyes gets home just in time to answer a call from her friend. She really needs to vent after a long week of dealing with unruly middle schoolers. One student in particular, named Tommy, has seemingly made it his mission to make her life miserable. No amount of punishment seems to get through to him. What’s worse, Tommy’s dad refuses to answer her calls and emails.

Her doorbell rings and, speak of the devil, Tommy’s dad is here to answer her endless emails in person. He points a large pistol at Ms. Reyes and angrily berates her. She begs for some sanity, but he responds by firing a bullet between her eyes. Tommy’s dad has anger issues… and a foot fetish. He removes Ms. Reyes’ shoes and sniffs them lustily, before stripping off her top. He fondles the dead teacher’s perky breasts and feels his member bulge in his pants.

Tommy’s dad strips Ms. Reyes down to her nylons and hungrily sniffs her sweaty snatch through her panties. He eats her dead pussy like a wild animal, then fucks her nylon-clad feet. The killer parent fucks his victim while watching the blood ooze from the bullet hole in her forehead. He poses the dead teacher like a sex doll on her leather couch. Maybe if she got fucked like this when she was alive, she wouldn’t have been so uptight.

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