PKF Studios – Alone And Vulnerable 2: Part 1

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Starring Vienna Rose

She’s in hiding in a local hotel. Her ex boyfriend recently broke his restraining order and trashed her house. Now she fears for her life. After a week in this hotel, she has been ordering nightly from the same restaurant. She’s gotten pretty used to the delivery man. She feels safe. So safe, that she casually opens the door for him without looking–walking off to get some cash for tip. But the man who enters is not the regular delivery guy and the moment she hears his voice, she knows she is in trouble.

He tazers her first, getting her to comply and be quiet. Then he takes her up to the bedroom for some fun.
He lusts after her…his ex girlfriend. But he can’t ever have her in the normal way. So he will make this night thier last time together.
He spends plenty of time sexually tormenting her. He rubs her body, threatens her with the tazer and choking her. He eventually cuts off her clothes and roughly gags and fingers her.
He fucks her mouth intensely.
Later he forces her to choke on a dildo then shoves it up her pussy.
Then he gets out a girls favorite toy. The vibrator, only she is not too happy about it. He uses it extensively on her clit, forcing her into many exhausting orgasms.
And this is only the beginning….

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