PKF Studios – Insidious Trap

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Starring Riley Reyes

She got the call that her perp had been seen entering this home in the flats. She entered the backdoor and crept quietly through the house. No one here.

She came to to him forcing his cock in her face. She was a cop….a detective and a damn good one. But she was scare. No gun. Cuffed behind her back. She relented and gagged and sucked on his cock. Then…then he did the worse thing she thought would ever happen to her. He raped her.

When it was over, she was relieved…for a moment. Only, he was not done with her. This man, she remembered, was a brutal killer her year serving on the force would not protect her–he would kill her now. He wrapped a cord around her neck. She knew it was over. There was nothing she could do.

His cock was hard and he got right to stripping her. He still left her pant curled up on one leg, her belt, holster and badge on full display. Then he ravaged her corpse. Fucking her in multiple positions, hard, fast and deep until he came within her.

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