Psycho Thrillers – Uber Driver Killer 3

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Starring: India Summer, Tommy Pistol

A guy picks up a girl and can’t stop looking at her in the mirror. She looks familiar to him. He asks her if she is a star or model. She just smiles and ignores him. She gets a call from her boyfriend and talks to him about a photoshoot she is going to do in Germany. When she hangs up the driver is excited because she is someone famous. When he drops her off he asks for her autograph, but she just pays for the ride and goes into her house.

The driver calls his buddy and brags about it, but his buddy is not impressed that he failed to get an autograph or picture with her. The driver gets angry. He goes to the door and when she answers it he knocks her out.
She wakes up tied to the corners of her bed. She struggles, then tries to act nice, but it is too late for that. He pulls out a knife and cuts her clothes off, then starts raping her.

Finally he puts a garotte around her neck and strangles her. When she is dead he takes a necro BJ from her and snaps her neck over the edge of the bed. He takes a few selfies with her corpse. Now he has some pictures with the famous model.

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