Psycho Thrillers – Scream Extreme

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Jesse plays a school girl who gets kidnapped as she walks home from school one a routine day in the country side. An area not prone to violence and where everyone knows their neighbors, people will be shocked will the body of a young girl will be found on a tire swing only a few blocks from where she lives. The girl was rendered unconscious with a strong, relentless hand strangulation then taken from the scene of the crime to a remote area where she was tied up, terrorized with a knife and then brutally raped. A virgin, the girl pleaded with her attacker who had problems fitting his cock inside her. To save time and ease her pain, the twisted killer decides to use the knife to cut her pussy open, to make it wider so his cock would fit.

With her screaming in high-pitched pain then settling down into a shocking whimper, her attacker fucks her bloody hole until he blows all over her belly. She thinks it’s over, that she’ll be allowed to go home now but he grabs her by the throat and begins to strangle the life out of her young body. All the girl can do is twist and take the brunt of his wrath until her body is void of life. He unties her and carries her all the way back to where they first met and plays with her on the tire swing before leaving her there for the flies.

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