Psycho Thrillers – Condom Will Kill

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Husband return home from his friend. His wife waiting for him with condom in her hand which she found in his pants. They don’t use condoms so she knows it’s not for her. He try to explain it to her it’s not his but she don’t want to heard it & they have some words exchange. She pack her clothes & leave. 
When she try to start her car, her husband catch up to her & take her bag with cloths from her car. She is pissed, get out of her car & try to get her bag.

Guy pull out gun & point it at her. She call him bluff, call him stupid who don’t know how to use gun. Guy cocked the gun & Accidentally pull trigger. 
He shot his wife in her stomach. She is Immediately without breath. Lean against her car, grub her stomach & can’t believe what happen. Start spitting blood, her blouse it’s soaking red with her warm blood. Getting weak in her knees, she slide down to the big puddle of blood. Sitting on ground trying to catch her breath. Gargle and spit out blood from her mouth & with her last breath she die. 
Her husband look around if nobody seen him. Pick her up & put her in back of her car. When he lay her down, her beautiful ass sticks out so he gives his death wife last fuck.

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