Psycho Thrillers – I Hired You To Kill Me

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Starring Katie Kush.

He says since she is going to die anyway, he wants to have sex with her She doesn’t care, tells him to do whatever he wants He chokes her again, this time feeling her up under her tank top She squirms and writhes and he exposes her breasts He circles in front of her He tells her to open his pants She obeys, and sucks his cock while he continues choking her He strips her naked, while getting more oral sex Pushing her back on the couch, he fucks her while strangling her He takes her hard from behind, choking her all the time Finally she sits upright, wanting him to finish her He gets ready for the fatal strangle Her phone rings, and she tells him to stop It is her boyfriend…he wants to make up with her She is happy, telling the killer the murder deal is off He says a deal is a deal, and wraps the towel around her neck He strangles her from behind

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