Truly Rough Productions – Blown Away 2

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Starring: Mouna Leesa and Conor Coxxx

Mouna Leesa hops out of her sports car and strides confidently into her house. She kicks off her shoes and lets out a sigh when suddenly, the doorbell rings. Strange, she wasn’t expecting anyone.

Mouna steps cautiously down the stairs and opens the door. Suddenly, she is face to face with a gun held by Conor Coxxx. She stumbles back onto the stairs, frightened. Conor demands she behave and does exactly what he says. His first order is for her to get up the stairs. Mouna crawls backward up the steps and he follows close behind.

Conor forces her to her feet and step into the middle of the room. Then he tells her to take her clothes off. She reluctantly complies, taking off her shirt and shorts. Conor is disappointed and tells her she isn’t done yet. She is truly frightened and vulnerable now, taking off her last bits of clothing and shaking with fear. 

Conor reaches down and unzips his fly. She knows what he wants her to do next. She quivers as she goes down to her knees and reaches into his pants and pulls out his cock. She starts sucking his dick gently, all the while he holds the gun to her head. Any minute he would kill her. 

After a while, she decides it is time to really step up her game. Maybe if she pleases him he will let her go. She begins to really work on his dick as hard as she can and he begins to feel and orgasm coming. Just when he’s about to cum he pulls the trigger, and her head snaps backward from the force of the bullet! He takes over where she left off and cums on her corpse.

Satisfied, Conor pulls up his pants and leaves, her body still on its knees on the floor. 

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