PKF Studios – The Watcher Strangler 2

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He’s been watching her for hours…silently standing in her room only feet away. Now it was time to act. He was upon her, threading her. She did not believe the threat was real, so he knocks her out.
Now he can spend time with her without fear she would escapes. He strips her clothing off. As she silently lay there, he caresses her beautiful body. Eventually, he works his way down to her bare feet—massaging them. Later, he poses her on the bed and takes the last pictures of her alive. He gets behind her unconscious body and slowly lowers the garrote. She wakes when it tightens around her neck. He slowly strangles her.

At one point, he thinks she is dead, then she come back for one last violent struggle, then dies with an extended breath. Her bladder releases. After the piss disappears into the mattress, he is ready to further appreciate his victim. She took a while to die, and though he was tired, he was not going to leave before he finished what he came for.  Letting his throbbing cock slide smoothly into her deep warm cunt was heaven on earth. He appreciated every moment of fucking this gorgeous corpse—flipping her over and fucking her come more until he was satisfied. He then pulled the wet sheet from under her after reposing her, then took more photos before leaving.

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