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“Taken Down and Taken Out”
Starring Valentina Nappi

Target has been confirmed by cartel as Wonder Woman and they have sent Agent A to stop her permanently from interfering with their business. She is surely as good as done. When she arrives she finds no-one, but a strange note lays on the couch. She picks it up, unsure what could be inside. As she reads the ominous message on the page, Agent A takes her down swiftly with a chloroform rag.

Her limp body on the floor, he ties her up and ties a piece of clothe around her head, gagging her. On the bed of the decoy hotel, he begins to strip her down, pulling her top off to suck on her succulent breasts. Rolling her over on her back, he pulls her wonder panties aside and fondles the lips of her pussy. Getting her pussy wet before sliding his hard cock between them. He parts her cheeks with his thumbs and pumps her pussy deep. The deeper he goes the unexpected pleasure begins to rouse her senses. But when she wakes, she is horrified to see this traitor agent on top of her. 

She begs him to stop as he pounds away at her pussy, her moans shattered by interwoven rejections. He bends her over and pushes deep into her, her wonder pussy obliterated by the waves of unwanted orgasms, depleting her wonder powers. Face down and asks in the air, he ejects his load deep into her cunt, throwing his final thrusts as hard as he can into her. He pulls her off the couch and forces her to her knees, making her suck the juice off his cock.

He pumps her throat full and taking her back to the bed wraps the Wonder rope around her neck. He pulls it tight and chokes her hard. The pair roll across the bed, as her will for life begins to weaken, her legs and arms flailing with the eruption of choking noises from her throat. With the life gone from her, he pulls her wonder outfit off. Pulling her dead body to the floor, her pumps her dead breathless throat with his cock until he cums in her mouth.

On the bed he fucks his new acquired fuck toy, banging her as hard as he can. Her limp body flops over the side of the bed. Bending her over on the bed, he fucks her. Her dead unmoving eyes stare off at the wall as he takes, her. When his nut is but up he pulls out and shoots all over her stomach. Taking his gun out, he puts it in her gaping mouth and blasts a round through the back of her skull for photographic effect.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Superheroine, Posing, Chloroform, Struggle, Gagging, Bound Up, Stripping, Breast Fondling, Nipple Sucking, Fucking, Internal, Rope Strangle, Struggle, Choking, Death, Necro Blowjob, Necro Fucking, Cumshots, Body Views, Foot Views. 

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