PKF Studios – Stab The Pretty Girls

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Starring Penny Lay & Pepper Hart.

The horny stabber impales Penny’s pale belly with his cruel knife. He pushes her onto the leather couch and stabs her tight cunt with his hard cock. She still cries and fights back slightly. Why aren’t you dead, the killer wonders aloud. He stabs her again in the chest and Penny finally falls still. He takes his time slowly plowing her tight pink slit.

The killer pulls out and shoots his wad all over Penny’s pale tummy. The blood mixes with his semen like a Metallica album cover. He leaves Penny sprawled and bloody on the couch like butchered poultry. Pepper stays slumped against the dishwasher in the kitchen. Blood stains her perfect pale tits and dribbles down to her red bush. These two redheads met a blood red end.

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