PKF Studios – Possession

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Starring Kayla Coyote and Rita Stark.

Tim was a member of the local crime task force and a few years ago, they took down a really bad guy. He partner was calling to tell him the good news—he was just executed. But before Tim could celebrate a glowing light appear and possessed him with the spirit of the recently deceased killer, out for vengeance. First, he knocked out Kayla.

Later, Kayla awoke, her clothing gone, confused. Tim was acting strange, confessed that he kidnapped her roommate and at gunpoint lead her away.

He then forced Kayla to play with the unconscious roommate, but eventually he gets frustrated and started to mess with her himself while forcing Kayla to fonder herself. Then, in a suprise movie, he kills the roommate. Kayla tries to get away, but he changes her down, then strangles her. She fights and tries to get away, but he is too powerful and she succumbs.

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