PKF Studios – Hostel Environment

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Starring Ashlynne.

Ashlynne understandably freaks out. Bob is having none of it though. He holds Ashlynne down and throttles her with both hands. Ashlynne’s face turns bright berry red and her tongue bulges grotesquely from her mouth. As soon as she lies still, Bob finishes stripping off Ashlynne’s clothes and goes back to fucking her.

Merely unconscious, the dick in her pussy is enough to wake Ashlynne back up. Bob goes back to strangling the shit out of her. She tries to escape and scream for help, but Bob sound-proofed the hostel long ago. He slowly and methodically chokes every last once of life out of the helpless girl. With her Ashlynne dead, Bob can finally enjoy himself.

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