PKF Studios – But We Broke Up 2 Part 2

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Starring Riley Reyes

His hand around her thin neck, Aaron chokes Riley harder as he rapes her. He forces her into different positions and she whimpers for mercy. His fat cock stretches Riley’s tight twat. When he’s through, Aaron hogties her and lets her squirm for a bit.

Aaron returns and makes Riley blow him to be let go. With her life on the line, Riley looks deeply in her attacker’s eyes and gags on his cock. She slurps like a good little slut in a vain effort to placate her ex.

When she’s through, Aaron can’t be moved to spare her his slutty ex’s life. He binds the rope around Riley’s neck and pulls tight on the cordage. Riley squirms and sputters, her eyes bulging. With her hands bound, Riley can’t free the rope from around her neck. Aaron garrotes Riley to death and then fucks her corpse one last time.

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