PKF Studios – Bullseye

Starring Melissa Moore
Directed by JohnM

Sexy Melissa just got her new summer bikini and tries it on in front of the mirror. She loves how it looks on her and she begins to dance and pose to the music. She can’t wait for all the music festivals. She stomps around her living room in the pair of matching boots she bought for the occasion. Suddenly she is attacked behind and knocked out cold.

Aaron, the man she broke up with because of his disturbing obsession with killing stands before her when she comes to. Her arms are suspended over head, her bikini top undone and laying flat just below her tits. In his hand he has a bow, he must have taken up a new method of making living things..dead. He rubs her breast and gives her a proposition. If he misses her belly button, she lives, if he hits it, he gets to fuck her.

He can’t be serious she exclaims as he takes his paces. He steadies his bow and takes aim, the air flies true and pierces her right where he intended it. He takes her pained body down from the door and pulling out the arrow lays her on the bed. He thrusts his cock into her as she protests in pain holding the hole in her gut. He fucks her furiously, her life slowly fading as his cock fills her and her stomach cavity fills with blood. When her life is snuffed out, the ultimate in erotic satisfaction comes over him as he shoots his load on her stomach. The white and red mix together in a beautiful pool and he leaves her there for her whore roommate to find later.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Bikini, Dancing, Boots, AOH, Fondling, Belly Shot, Bow Shooting, Fucking, Blood, Death, Necro Fuck, Cumshot, Body Views, Foot Views.

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