Psycho Thrillers – Cheerleader: Part 1

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Starring: Alyssa Cole.

He has a girl over to his house that no one knows is here. He gets a bottle of water from the frig. Breaks the seal. Puts a drug in and tightens the seal again. She drinks from the bottle but when she gets up she can hardly stand. She says I don’t know what’s wrong with me as she drops to her hands and knees. He says it’s probably because of all those drugs I put in your water. He goes and starts playing with her body. Her breasts through her uniform. Raising her skirt, spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy through her panties. His friend comes in and they fondle and roughly caress her. They pick her up and carry her to the bedroom and place her on the bed. They strip off her uniform, fondle her more, then get tough, choking, face slapping, hair pulling and doing her with a dildo. They cuff her, have oral sex and intercourse with her.

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