Horrorgasm – Break-up Rage

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Laurie has broken up with Zak. Since she was only dating him for his money; it wasn’t a big deal really. She hasn’t been quiet about her reasons for breaking up with him, and it has gotten back to Zak. Being a proud guy, he flies in to a rage at her lack of discretion and her lying ways. 

He decides to take matters into his own hands.Since she never asked for the key back, he lets himself in and hides. After some time she plants herself on the couch and calls a friend — again spilling the beans about Zak and her disdain for him. That is what he wanted to hear. He rushes out to confront her, gun drawn.Startled, then frightened, she begs him to go away. When he confronts her on what he heard, she tries to tell him she didn’t mean any of it; that it was just talk. He refuses to believe her lies any longer.

He pushes her onto the chair and rips her clothes off. He stuffs the underwear he bought her into her mouth, and ties her hands. He pushes her onto her back and forces himself into her mouth. He thrusts aggressively while she tells him fuck off as best she can. He yells at her to shut up. 

He gets even more pissed off and tosses her on to an ottoman and pushes himself into her. She begs and pleads with his to stop, but he just belittles her and keeps going.His rage keeps building until he can only think of one thing: ending it all for her. She has humiliated him one too many times. He pulls a cord from his pocket and wraps it around her neck. 

He yanks her backwards and pulls tight. She no longer has anything smart mouthed to say. He chokes her senseless until there is not one breath left in her lungs. Her eyes pop out, her tongue protrudes and her body twitches as he squeezes the remaining life from her. 

She slumps over dead. He drops her to the floor and leaves her there, staring into nothingness.

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