Psycho Thrillers – American Beauty

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Starring: Lilly Rader, Anthony Hardwood

“Good morning Mr Smith.” She gives a cup of coffee to Mr Smith. “I’m Lily. Jessica’s girlfriend.” Mr Smith spits out his coffee. “Oooo how precious you did not know Jessica was a lesbian. Yes Jessica is 100% lesbo but I’m not. I like dick.” She touches his dick as she walks by. 

Next morning Lily, wearing sexy panties, is making coffee again. She goes to Mr Smith and starts touching him. He can’t restrain himself. He grabs her by her hair, chokes her and forces her down on her knees to suck his dick.Then he roughly removes Lily’s panties and forces his dick inside of her. Takes her in several positions, until finally he puts her down on her knees again and let her to blow him till he cum inside her mouth. Makes her to swallow it all. 

Lily asks him if that was it and tells him she will need to go out to get some more dick to satisfy her needs. Mr Smith grabs her neck and starts choking her for being such a slut. She likes it at first thinking she will have more rough sex but his hands get tighter so she starts fighting for her life. After some kicking and fighting she ends up on the counter top where she dies. When she is dead Mr Smith carries her body to the freezer so he can use her later. 

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