Psycho Thrillers – Buddies Forever

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Starring: Lily Rader, Anthony Hardwood, Tommy Pistol

A woman is kissing a guy in a doorway, saying goodbye. He walks into the hallway and his roommate comes out. They talk a little and compare notes about their dates, discovering to their surprise that both of their girlfriends are named Lily.

The next day the guy is sitting in a bar drinking. His roommate comes in with Lily, and he realizes they are both fucking the same girl. The guys argue, and Lily goes to the restroom and calls her friend, telling her the situation she is in.

To her surprise when she comes out the guys are drinking together. They have decided they have a mutual problem. She tries to leave but is grabbed, and shortly each guy is holding one side of her scarf, pulling it tight to strangle her. 

After she is dead both guys fuck her for the last time and leave her body on the bar as a gift to the bartender. 

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