PKF Studios – Really Strangle Her 3

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Starring Ashlynne

Laying in bed talking on the phone, Ashlynne tells her mom that the restraining order seems to have worked at keeping her creepy stalker away. Feeling at ease for the first time in weeks, she lies her head back and dozes off to sleep. Her light blue t-shirt rides up revealing her hot pink panties.

Speak of the devil. Her stalker sneaks into Ashlynne’s bedroom and pounces on her sleeping figure. He quickly seizes her throat with his big hands and starts choking her. Ashlynne gurgles, her tongue protruding. She flails and convulses, unable to get the big man off of her. Ashlynne loses consciousness.

She wakes up to find that she’s been stripped down and bound to her bed with rope. A noose is around her neck and leveraged against the headboard. The stalker pulls the rope hard and it tightens cruelly around Ashlynne’s trachea. She sputters grotesquely and turns beet red. He loosens the noose occasionally to listen to Ashlynne plead for mercy.

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