PKF Studios – Premeditated Homicide

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Starring Ashlynne

The video submitted to evidence contains violence and the eventual murder of Ashlynne Karen Bigsly. She comes home to her boyfriend Devin and jumps into his arms. They fall to the bed and make out. Devin is shocked to see sexy red lingerie under Ashlynne’s blouse. He knocks her out with a right to the chin.

Devin drags Ashlynne to the edge of the bed and strips off her skirt and panties. He ties her to the bed with black rope. Ashlynne waes up and pleads to be freed. Devin shoves a ball-gag in her mouth to shut her up. He forces his fingers inside Ashlynne’s dry vagine. She screeches through her gag. Once her pussy feels wet enough, Devin mounts her and forces his cock inside her pussy.

Devin rapes his bound lover. He moves to her head and shoves his cock inside her mouth. Ashlynne chokes and gags on Devin’s dick. With his shaft lubed with his trapped girlfriend’s saliva, Devin fucks her tight slit some more. He wraps a hand around Ashlynne’s throat and chokes her as he decimates her box. Suddenly, he springs up on her chest and fucks her whining mouth. He forces her to swallow his load.

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