PKF Studios – Lure A Killer

“Lure a Killer”
Starring Adria Rae
Directed by JohnM

Adria runs a blog, currently following the activities of a local serial killer. She has an informant in the police department who has been giving her inside information on their investigation and she has been posting tantalizing tidbits to provoke a response from the killer. It worked just a little too well. As she sits at her computer, in the supposed safety of her own home, the murderer sneaks up behind her and pulls a plastic bag over her head. She struggles to breathe, as the clear plastic is held firmly against her face, and soon passes out.

When she awakens, she is on the bed, naked except for a black garter belt and stockings, wrists and ankles bound with rope and a ball gag in her mouth. The killer tries to intimidate her into handing over her files, but he hasn’t counted on one thing. Adria is into serial killers and dangerous experiences, her present situation making her wet and horny! Offering her body, they fall into a mad pile of flesh and lust. As they are fucking, he takes a length of cord, wraps it around her neck and pulls it tight, which is how he discovers her love of choking and breath play.

A sick idea comes to his mind. He makes Adria stand on a chair, while he places a noose around her neck. There she is roughly fingered, made to cum with a vibrator and ordered to finger herself. At the point of orgasm, she jumps off the chair, the noose tightening around her throat. Her nearly naked body twitches and dances, tongue lolling from her mouth as thick rope strangles her. The man watches with detached interest, noting the slowing of her struggles, until she is limp, swinging languidly at the end of the noose. He cuts her down, pleased with how the night is progressing. Looking down at her beautiful corpse, he pulls his stiffening dick out; now it’s time for him to cum. 

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Plastic Bag, Suffocation, Rope Bondage, Ball Gag, Garter Belt, Thigh-High Stockings, Lingerie, Terror, Garrote Strangling, Breath Play, Blowjob, Pussy Licking, Sex, Noose, Masturbation, Hitachi Vibrator, Fingering, Necro Sex, Cumshot, Posing, Body Play, Body Views, Stocking-Clad Foot Views.

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