Sex Slaves For Cash – Dolly Leigh Bought and Fucked

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There are a ton of videos depicting girls being taken and then prepared to be sold as sex slaves.  For some reason you never see the second part where some lucky, rich bastard buys a one of those sex slaves, takes her home, and has some fun.  This movie does just that in a set of hot scenes starring Dolly Leigh.

This video starts right after I purchased Dolly at some illegal slave auction.  Since they know their buyers will be anxious to play with their new toys, they set up little sex rooms where buyers can fuck their new sex slaves before they take them home.  I lead Dolly into the room and tell her the good news, that I just bought her and that I’ll be taking her away from this place.

Dolly doesn’t seem very happy with this.  Apparently the ungrateful slut either hasn’t been here long enough to be fully trained or wasn’t trained that well, because she acts just a little bit indignant towards me.  As I undress Dolly so I can play with her body, she doesn’t resist but she isn’t being very appreciative.  Since we’re still in her training facility, and she’s still in chains, she doesn’t dare resist but she has enough of an attitude that it peaks through in her body language.  Still, I’m in a happy mood since I have a hot new sex slave to play with so I give her the chance to suck my dick and make it up to me.

Dolly gives a really good blowjob for a while but she isn’t very into it.  I have to keep prompting her to get her hands involved instead of just using her mouth.  You can tell she’s very skilled at giving head.  You can also tell she’s blowing a man that she detests and she isn’t hiding it well.  Eventually she makes the mistake of letting out a loud sigh.  That’s my final straw.

Since Dolly doesn’t want to give me a proper blowjob, I lock a ballgag in her worthless mouth and put her up on the bed.  She’s now naked, handcuffed, ballgagged and on all fours.  I fuck her doggy style for a while.  Between having her hands cuffed together and not being into it Dolly doesn’t manage to stay on her knees and collapses onto her stomach.  This doesn’t deter me.  I just keep fucking her from behind.

I eventually chain Dolly down to the bed so I can climb on top of her and fuck her in a more traditional position.  Since she’s going to be my sex slave for the rest of her life I figure we should probably get a little more personal with our sex.  Dolly is still a little indignant while getting fucked.  I think she even rolls her eyes once or twice during the whole ordeal.  That’s okay.  If she didn’t finish her training before I bought her then I’ll just have to finish it once I get her home.  We’ll have plenty of time for that later.  For now I just fuck the hell out my hot captive until I blow my load all over her sexy body.

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